June 12, 2011

Another Blog post- Long blog post

Hello Wizards,

I would like to talk about something awesome that happened yesterday! I mentioned in my goals for blogging that some of them were being recognized by Kingsisle, getting followers, and ect. Well there was one goal I left out that was the main goal. My main goal was the opportunity to add the Friendly Necromancer. Yesterday, Blaze Shadowhorn let me port to him, and Bailey, Friendly, and Fallon-ravenwood radio, was there. Well of course I said hi, I didn't know what else to say though! Thomas said a little bit after that: Edward Add me! I was freaking out because I didn't think I would get to add him, well in the game. Anyways, I really wanted to tell you all that because it was my main goal. Other than adding friendly, my next goal is to add bailey and Stephen. I have Fallon on my ice character :) Also, talking about adding, here are some new friend codes if you would like to add me!

True Friend Codes: 

Other than adding other Wizards, I would like to talk about something weird I have seen in the commons after blogging about it- Yesterday I believe. Anyways, I am sure most of you have read this. Tell me if you have in a comment below. A wizard in the commons always says this and she switches each realm. I think she has been saying it since the beginning of the year. Wow! Unbelievable. Some of my friends on my Wizard101 list has also seen this. Sorry I am not trying to talk about her, but she has been saying this in the game and I am sure most of you have seen her in the commons saying it. I really think that the people who spam " I need" is kinda annoying. I mean if you said it In real life, I am sure the people would be looking wondering why you are saying it. If you are the one who says that, please don't. Sometimes it can lead to some private information. I have seen wizards say they need a girl and then they told their facebook to the whole entire Wizard world. Please don't do that. Also, Sorry I have been blogging about this a lot, just something that needs to be covered regardless what others think about the "online dating".  Also, don't forget if you are friends with the girl who says that all of the time please talk to her about it, and please ask her to stop, sometimes it can be dangerous to say that in the game. Not everyone in Wizard101 is nice. Thanks for reading this long paragraph. Now to talk about something else more exciting :)

Something other than Wizard101:
Yes, I like talking about things other than Wizard101 because sometimes just talking about wizard101 24/7 can get boring at times. I like talking about other things, such as the Fourth of July in my other post, lets just say all holidays that are on their way. I really can't just not talk about them. Also, some of them have something to do with Wizard101. I just wanted to say I hope you guys don't mind me talking about different things other than wizard101, just want to make the post more exciting other than reading and reading about Wizard101. Today I didn't know one word I was going to blog about, and look at this, I made a whole entire long blog post! Wow, I can really type!- Not really :) Anyways, Today, I would like to ask something that does have something to do with wizard101. If you were a creator of the game, what would you add in Wizard101? Comment below and tell me! Thanks everyone.

Okay, now after reading that long post, I am sure most of you are yawning like me! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my blog post and see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Melissa said...

I would make something that you could turn into your pets and use them for pvp that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

I would make an incubator type thing that would cut hatching time in half. It would be cool if it was a crafting item too :P

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Wow Ed XD Very nice post and Your Welcome for introducing you to Tom, Bailey and Fallon! XD And if I had your check list it would be:

XD I'm friends with all of them so if you wanna meet them sometime, just tell meh XD

And regarding 4th of July; can't wait to see ya at the party! Stephen, Bailey, Fallon, Tom, Arlic prob and prob Kevin will be there XD

-Blaze Shadowhorn