June 10, 2011

Another Blog Post- Dragons Hoard, I need, TFC

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I mentioned the dragons hoard pack. Well the crowns I won from Ravenwood Radio must have been very lucky because the first thing I bought was the dragons hoard, and I got the bone dragon and a robe! I decided to try again and I got the dragon wings mount! Wow, I must have been very lucky Or the crowns was because usually I don't have much luck. Ask any of my friends!

I would like to show you a blog post from the Mythspent Youth- http://mythspent.blogspot.com/2011/06/so-you-want-to-be-official-fansite.html
Everyone should read this post if they can! Its really a great blog post and I am hoping you can read it, mostly the other bloggers :)

I found out I was going to do a blog post of a tour of a house. I forgot to some weeks ago.  I want to do it today because I didn't get to show you guys this awesome house. I hope you enjoy the tour on the blog post :) I really do like this house and I hope you do too. Thanks for letting me take the pictures again Patrick!

Credit goes to Patrick Hawktamer for letting me take these photos!

I didn't really choose all of the photos I took because there was about ten of them. I still have more to write today. Anyways, I would like to talk about the Spamming of "I need a girl" "I need a boy" It gets very annoying when people do that and I am sure you guys have to agree on that one. Unless you are one of them who do it. If you do remember, would you say it in real life? I mean if you did, that would be kinda weird which it is in the game. Please don't spam that, I know a person in the commons who repeated that over an hour but saying it differently. I think most of my friends know who I am talking about. Just don't say that, it can also be against online safety if you do find some random person in the commons. Its kind of like someone spamming friend requests to you and you add them and they start being rude or just asking for you to gift them. If I was the owner of the game I would make the I need thing a reportable offense. That might be the only way they would stop. Too bad it doesn't say in the rules that it isn't though. Oh well. 

Other than that, I am giving away another True Friends Code. I hope you use them :) Here it is:

Okay thats it for today, I still have more to blog about, but I will keep it for tomorrows blog post! See you all Around the Spiral, and stay safe online!

~ Edward Lifegem


Talon Thunderblade said...

Hey, Ed, let's meet up today.
Location: Mooshu, Moodha statue, Jade Palace
Time: 8:00 pm central
Realm: Sunbird Area 1
hopes this works.-Thunderblade

Edward Lifegem said...

I am so sorry, I couldn't meet. I can't make it on wizard101 at the moment. I will try to meet you tomorrow in the morning. Cya later!