June 22, 2011

Pet Snake- Report Vs. W101- Party- Random Picture!

Hi Wizards!

How is your day today? Well mine is better than yesterday :) I have actually been on the test realm other than the live realm. In the test realm I have been leveling pets instead of testing out the new Malistaire cut scene. I am hoping they add something to do other than that soon. Would be awesome if they added some new spells, which they probably won't for a while. Anyways, back to leveling pets! Today, this morning, I started leveling my new pet snake that I really wanted to see what kind of stats he would give. They are pretty awesome, although I really wanted some balance damage, or accuracy. Oh well. Here are a couple of photos of him leveling up! I might level this pet in the live realm soon.

Spritely at teen!

Mana gift at Adult- 88 Mana

Unbalancer at Ancient- 7 Balance Resist!

Pip-o-plenty at Epic- Gives 4 power pips

Report Vs. Wizard101:
Some are wondering, what is a reportable offense? Can I report a person who is using bad language, or is it counted as a false report? Yes! You should, because it is not counted as a false report. Here are some things from the Wizard101 website that is counted and isn't counted as a report. Now I have seen a lot of bad things in Wizard101, and something right now that is happening is that my friend is getting cyber bullied. That is counted as a report. This is in the test realm so don't forget just because you are in the Wizard101 Test realm doesn't mean you have to break the rules there. You can get reported from Kingsisle, they are in the test realm. I have seen a few of them since I started the test realm. They are also in Wizard101. I have had a few friends get bullied and they didn't report them because they logged out very quick. It was the worse thing I could ever hear on a Family friendly game. That is something very bad since I have been in the commons almost 2 years, helping. 


Okay, If I am not busy on the 28th of July, I am planning on having a party! Its a birthday party! Not going to tell who's birthday party it is, and don't comment below on who you think it is. Hopefully I can have the party on that date if it isn't a very busy day. When I find out what times I can have the party I will tell you in another blog post sometimes next month! Until then I would like to go over the rules if it does happen! You can't forget rules :) Anyways, I am not allowing wizards to use bad language at the party, this is a number one rule for me. If you go to a birthday party do you hear someone using a lot of bad language in real life? Well I haven't. So lets keep it family friendly at the party. Another thing is no noob calling, I hate that word, whoever uses it is obsessed with it! Okay maybe not, but it gets annoying. Remember everyone started the same level. Also, I am not going to tell all of the rules since I don't know if I will be having the party or not. So Until then hopefully I do! Okay here is an edit in my blog post, I would like to mention Diana Wildheart! She told me I could use her link to show you a couple of party rules! Please read this blog post if you can! Thanks :) 

Random Picture:
Remember the Hall of Forever! In the Wizard City Library :)
I wonder where the hall leads up to? I wonder if kingsisle will ever let us go in there in the future!? That would be awesome :D Anyways, That is the blog post for today, see ya around the Spiral! 

~ Edward Lifegem

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