June 15, 2011

Red White, and nothing to blog about blue

Hi Wizards,

I hope you like my new background and header to my blog, even though some don't :) Well I do. I just wanted to tell you why I change my background and header all of the time. I do this because I want it not to be boring. When wizard101 has an update its not boring at all, so that is what I am doing, changing my blog around a little :)  If you aren't from America, I am sorry about the Red white and blue colors, Its just where I am from plus its my favorite colors! Another reason I made it red white and blue is because of the Fourth of July which is coming up so I am keeping it like this until July 5th regardless of the voting :) The voting was for my other blog background/header so I will be removing that soon. I hope you enjoy it until then! Oh and I will not be doing a blog post on the Fourth unless its a bunch of firework videos :D

Okay other than the fourth of July, there is now a new pet in the crowns shop! Here is a photo of the pet if you would like to see it!
Having 27 crowns LOL, I don't think I could even buy a minion :) yet alone a new awesome pet! I wish I could get this pet for my balance character. I have to buy a membership though, because my membership will be running out soon and I will certainly not have nothing to blog about :) Lets just say I have most likely the least amount of crowns! Thats awesome right? 

Since I have nothing else to blog about



Okay see you all around the Spiral! Oh and I will try to have more to blog about tomorrow. I have been busy and haven't been on wizard101 much to blog about something :) Seems like every time I am on wizard101 I have a lot to blog about and when I'm not I don't. Sorry guys!

~ Edward Lifegem

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