June 13, 2011

Longer Post than Yesterday?

Hi Wizards!

Wow, I read all of yesterdays post and it was worse than typing it! Way too much to read. Anyways, I am still trying to get 90 followers somehow. Lol just a goal for me right now since I didn't get followers the past couple of days :) I love setting goals as you see now. Talking about goals, I would like to ask what is your goal for wizard101? Mine is getting all of my level 58 pets no matter how long it takes. Which will probably be after Christmas before I do! Not telling a joke on that one, It will probably be a while before I do get all of my level 58 pets because I have some characters that haven't even started Grizzleheim. I have a lot of work to do if I do want to get my new pets. I am just going to look on the bright side and say: I will get the level 58 pets before 10 years. 1 Year! :) +9

Anyways, other than talking about pets, I would like to show you a screenshot I had a couple of days ago but I didn't get to post it in a blog post. Sorry guys I didn't post this until today :)
Talon Thunder Blade, Me, Elijah Lightthief

Another thing I would like to talk about it what is acceptable and isn't on Facebook. I have seen a couple of problems with wizards posting evil questions on Stephen Spirtcallers wall on Facebook. First off, That is not right at all, I feel sorry for other wizards having the same problem with the questions including myself. I see that a lot of wizards on Facebook are obsessed with the questions. If you are one of the people that are posting those type of questions on the walls, please say sorry, because I am sure you guys wouldn't want a bunch of questions for example: Are you a troll?  You wouldn't like that question on your wall would you? So either erase the post, or stop doing the questions, they are very mean, and I know you don't want to act like the trolls in Cyclops Lane do you??  Well lets hope not. Anyways, Thanks for reading this little different post over Facebook. Remember, If you are one of the people who have been doing this please say sorry to the other wizards who have the questions on their wall. 

One more thing, Sorry about another long blog post! I have one more thing to talk about though :) 

Trolls VS. W101

Now, Most of you know the world is made up of these two monsters. I talked about trolls in my post above dealing with Facebook. If you don't want to be a troll please say sorry, The trolls in cyclops lane don't like saying sorry because well they are trolls! I think most do see the trolls messing up wizard101 at times. Also, sorry if I am using this word too much, but its the correct word to use. I have seen there have been a lot who have escaped from Cyclops Lane in order to ruin the commons. Look at the Images below: Also remember, I am not talking about anyone, this is just a little post to show that its wrong to ruin Wizard101 :)
This lumbering troll is casting because he is either mad, or who knows?= Bad Language
Remember, You will get in trouble either by Centaur or...: Muted or Banned for Bad language and all.

Sorry about the trolls vs. w101 post, I just really wanted to show what happens when you ruin the game in either way. I really want everyone to learn what happens. I know you guys sometimes don't do it on purpose maybe because something is going on in real life. Please don't ruin the game though, I understand that the world isn't perfect, but please try to behave :) Thanks! This is all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! 

~ Edward Lifegem

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