June 14, 2011

Lotro- Pet A Palooza ending- Canada W101 Cards- Online Safety

Hi Wizards!

I am going to talk a little bit of lotro. This isn't going to take over the Wizard101 in my blog don't worry :) I have been hearing that a lot of people from wizard101 love lotro. I tried it out yesterday, I made a character named Edward Lifegem. I will not be talking about this everyday because most do come to my blog to read about wizard101 :) I just wanted to show you guys a very cool picture that I probably would never get from wizard101 that I got from Lord of the rings. Here it is:
And one more screen shot below!

Okay that is it for Lord of the rings, Now to get to talk about Wizard101!

First off, today is the last day of the Pet-A-Palooza. You can still get them half price but after today, you won't be able to anymore. If you would like a link to more information about the Pet-A-Palooza click on this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/promotions/petapalooza

In other news,
The Prepaid game cards will be coming to Canada  in the Fall, I bet a lot of wizards from Canada are excited about this, because the only way they had to pay before was most likely by Credit card, and most wizards don't have the choice to pay by that. I really do like this photo, its from the Wizard101 Website and it has a wizard casting a Canada Flag! :) 

So other than news around the spiral, I would like to talk about Ditto's post. If you haven't seen his post it can be found here- http://dittomonster.com/2011/06/14/play-safe-check-those-links/

I actually found a site that I was talking about in a earlier post that said he would answer questions or give you crowns if you gave him your w101 password and user name. Now if that isn't a way to tell that something isn't right I don't know what is. He actually put this on the main wizard101 Facebook page, I clicked on it to see what it was- At first it looked like a very nice website and then I looked on a contest link page. It said this in order:

Wizard101 User name: Not giving you my User name
Wizard101 Password: I am not giving you my password
Email: I am certainly not giving you my email

A couple of other things along with that. I knew when I looked at the Wizard101 user name and he also said give me it and I will give you crowns or a membership. Now, that is something for not staying safe online and its also something that Kingsisle says- Not to give out your password to anyone on the log in screen. If you see a website like the one I just mentioned send it to a wizard101 email, and tell them about the website. Also, the things I said above, yes all true :) I sent that in and I went on the website the next day and It was gone. Before I didn't know about reporting a website to kingsisle so I guess someone else did, or he found out it was wrong to take things away from other Wizards. Anyways, sorry I have talked about this a while its something that needs to be talked about though because Wizards keep doing it.

Other than the blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading! I will see you all Around the Spiral, and Stay Safe!

~ Edward Lifegem

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