June 23, 2011

My Hydra- Malistaire Cutscene- The Word Noob- Harry Potter

Hello Wizards,

Have you all been to the test realm yet? I certainly have. I am sure you guys might see me leveling my pets there in the Pet pavilion. That is my favorite thing to do when the test realm is online. I can buy mega snacks and energy elixirs to level my pets. Today I was leveling my Hydra- Ginger. I think I might keep this pet for the live realm instead of using the new judgement pet. Right now the stats on my hydra seem better then when I leveled my Judgement pet on the test realm last time. My pet actually gives balance stats instead of cards, I think that is better if you ask me! Right now I am going to show you the stats so far. My pet is only 250/1000 away from Epic. I am wondering how much more stats this pet could give. I don't have no more crowns so I have to wait until a crowns refill if they have one.

In order of pet talents this pet gave Pip-O-Plenty at teen, Balance it at Adult, and Add-Balance at Ancient. I think for some reason that the talent for epic might be Health gift. I should check out Petnome to see what talents hydra gives. The next pet I am planning on leveling if there is a crowns refill is one of my mixes, the life wyvern, or forest wyvern, I really forgot what its called so, I will just call it the life wyvern. I haven't really checked out what stats that one gave because I didn't level that pet on the test realm when Wintertusk was released so I will do that sometime when there is a crowns refill or when the test realm is out again if they don't give a crown refill. 

Test Realm: Malistaire Cutscene?

Okay as I said up above I have been leveling my pets instead of really focusing on the new Malistaire cutscene. I think I went there one time, I didn't take any pictures though, so I am going to put this video down that I don't own for those who didn't see it yet, or for those who can't go on the test realm. I am going to show you a video Helpful Wizard made, I don't own this video.

Okay Helpful Wizard, This music is something I would listen to. It makes it sound: EPIC. Thanks for the video, and thanks everyone else who made a video to show everyone the new cutscene! Again, I don't own this video, Credit goes to Helpful Wizard!

The Word Noob:

I have to discuss this because too many people call someone who first started this word. Or maybe a person in pvp. When you first started the game Wizard101 or any other game. If someone called you a noob would you feel bad? Well this word makes other wizards feel very bad, Let me just tell a story when I first started wizard101. Now I was level 20 something on my ice character, I haven't been there maybe more than 1 month. I met this person who seemed nice at first, and I asked for help one time asking please. Quote:  "Hi there"! "Can you please help me when you have time? I just need to find out where I am in Grizzlehiem" He ported and said, I am not helping you "noob". I said, well you didn't have to call me noob, You don't have to help you don't want to, its okay. He removed me and call me a noob again and one of my friends started laughing, she was level 43 at the time. Now, remember we all started the game at level 1 and no one wants to hear the word noob, its very annoying and "old" :)

Harry Potter:
I was listening to Ravenwood Radio last night and I heard a question kind of like this: Do you think harry potter is related to Wizard101? Well my answer other than Stephens and Fallons answer would be yes. When I first started, that is what I thought the game was. I thought it was related to Wizard101. The reason I think its related is because, just like I mentioned on Twitter, Mystical creatures and the School for Wizards. Before I even made an account, I thought I would see Harry Potter in the game lol. Just wanted to share my answer with you because that is what I thought before I joined the game :) 

Well that is it for today Wizards, I hope to see you all Around the Spiral! Have a great day!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Anonymous said...

hah! cool, i just finished reading the Harry Potter series, it was EPIC!! nice post!