June 1, 2011

New blog post: Blog update, blog post, contest update, ect.

Hello Wizards,

As much of you noticed, I have changed my background, header, and colors of my blog! I am really enjoying these colors even though It has nothing to do with the life school. I changed the colors to black, blue, and white. I think its very awesome! I am still keeping my blog name: Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem, I just would like to keep it like this a while, It might be the best background and all for me :) There is not one thing I don't like about it.

I would like to say I am sorry about the blog post yesterday, yesterday I was feeling very sick, and I was mad at the same time about the commons. The blog post really wasn't necessary. Anyways, yes I admit trying to keep the commons calm when sick, not a very good thing to do. Also, being reported makes me mad, when I am trying to help. Hopefully if I ever do help again, I won't be reported. I just like keeping the game Family Friendly which it should be :)

Contest Update:

I am getting very good contest entries, I am liking all of them that appears in my email! I wish you guys the best of luck Sunday when I announce the winner. I really do wish I could give you all a code for the sultans palace but I only have one to giveaway. I hope you guys are enjoying the contest so far, I am! Remember, the contest ends June 5th, 2011, and If you would like to email me your favorite things about wizard101 at: edwardwintergem@yahoo.com and you are following you will be entered in the contest, and have a chance of winning the contest :)

Fourth Of July?

Anyways, Today I would like to go off topic of wizard101 a little, I hope you guys don't mind :) Today, they are starting to sell fireworks here. Remember, when they start selling fireworks there, don't get hurt. Or when the 4th of July does eventually get here, please stay safe, I hear about tons of accidents, people getting hurt on purpose, hope that isn't you, and sometimes getting killed. Please don't be one of them, Enjoy the fireworks :) Enjoy all. See you all around the Spiral.
 ~ Edward Lifegem

This is a video of our fireworks in our park in 2008, I do not own this video.

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