June 6, 2011

New commercial/ New background and header/ Scarecrow

Hello again Wizards,

I knew I would find something to blog about today! A new commercial for Wizard101 has been released look at the video below to see it!
Awesome right? I can't wait until I get the new Fourth of July pet shown at 13 for 14 seconds through the video! I guess its going to be this Fourth of July since its in the Video. Thats going to be one awesome pet! Also if you didn't notice there is also a frost beetle pet. I wonder when thats going to be released? Maybe Christmas? Lol.

I have changed my background for my blog again. I am going to put a poll down to see if you guys like it or not. Also I am not going to put a poll to see how far you are in Wintertusk, I was very bored and tired when I said that, and decided not to put that on my blog. I am glad I found something to blog about, because that last post even for me was very boring! Oh and talking about something fun I have been doing throughout the day, I have leveled through Wintertusk on my death character, and I finally have scarecrow! After waiting for 21 hours for it to hatch! Here is a picture of my death character: Edward Deathgem, getting his new death pet!
I didn't think I would ever get my new death pet, but I am very glad I finally did! Scarecrow is way too awesome for me! 

Well thats it for now, Enjoy! and See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

The blog looks Awesome! And congrats on getting scarecrow. :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice Ed! I haven't seen the video yet so I am gonna do that now and then add it to my pet-a-palooza post XD