June 3, 2011

Old blog posts!

Okay guys, I thought this would seem funny to you all! It certainly is to me and I made the blog :) Here is some old posts I have made and my comments LOL.

Everyone Should go to www.wizard101.com and have a time of your life. If you do you will make a lot of friends and you will never get tired of this. Go on Wizard101 now and get ready to create a wizard to have fun!
My comment:
This is my first blog post! Rofl, Okay here is another!

Crab Pet!
Everyone I just heard that there is a new pet that everyone can be farming for on Wizard101!!! It is located at Ancient Burial Grounds, and the name of the boss is Crazed forest Spirit. Some of my friends won this pet and now I plan to farm too. See you guys out there, Have Fun!!!
My comment:
Out where? and Rofl, Still didn't get the crab pet! Here is another :)

Blog Upgrade!
I just updated my blog and I want to know how you guys like it or don't. If you guys have any comments please comment and tell if i need any improvement! thanks guys.
Have fun!!!

My comment:
When I made my blog upgrade, It was a frost giant and mountains. I like this blog upgrade from 2011 better though!

Farming for pets!
I have been farming so much today for pets. I actually got a Queen Spider from Yeva!!! Tell me what you guys have got so far! See ya out there in Wizard101!!!
Remember Have fun!

My comment:
I made this exactly one year ago today! I think my blog posts are better than the ones in 2010 when I first started.

Here are a few comments from other wizards who commented down below these posts!
Mws: Cool blog! Not sure why you named it Wizard101 LOL... Added to my list/followed..
ROFL, Okay this is too funny! I named my blog Wizard101 when I first started, Its funny now though!

Shady: um ed you forgot to mention where exactly it's gonna be lol
Now I forgot to mention where Malistaire's Birthday bash would be. I think most of you remember what that is. I didn't even make it though. 

These comments are too funny! I know this is a useless blog post, I just really wanted to show you all! See you all around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Anonymous said...

Aww, that's cute. Funny, but cute. :P Thanks, I needed a laugh today! Your blog has come a long way. I am proud of you :D