June 11, 2011

Online Safety Post

Hi everyone!

I am doing another blog post about online safety, and things not to say in the commons. I just want to spread the word that this is something that you shouldn't do. One thing is, giving out your password. Lets say if in real life someone asked where you live, some random person. Would you give them your address? No you wouldn't. Now on Wizard101, I see a lot of wizards giving out their passwords or asking for passwords. If you want your account even if you don't have a membership, crowns, ect. You shouldn't give away your password/personal information just because this other person said he or she would give you crowns if you gave them your password and user name. Now someone asked me for my password yesterday, and I told them that Kingsisle says its against the rules and he said, no one will know. I said well Kingsisle will! I will also because you would steal my account. I mean no one is just going to give their accounts away. Also I just added this Wizard101 on Facebook, and he asked me that. Now if you want some tips on staying safe online it would be not to give away your personal information. That is  the number one rule for me and other wizards. I mean don't tell your age, don't give out your facebook, don't even tell anyone where you live. These are all forms of personal information. You wouldn't do it in real life, so please don't do it on Wizard101. If you choose to, well that is a very bad mistake. There are bad people everywhere, even in Wizard101 and you have to be careful.

Tips on Staying Safe Online:

  1. Don't give out your password to anyone on Wizard101.
  2. Don't give out personal information: Where you live, how old you are, your Facebook page, even where you work. 
  3. Always be careful on Wizard101 there are bad people everywhere, even in a family friendly game. 
  4. If you don't feel comfortable adding other wizards, you can turn off your friend requests. Or remove them, if they are mean, or cyber bullying you in anyway. 

Make sure you follow my online safety tips or even Ditto Monsters online safety tips. If you want to be safe online always make sure you don't give out personal information. Its very important that you don't. Thanks for reading everyone, that was my online safety post. Enjoy, and see you all Around the Spiral! Stay Safe everyone!

Also, I forgot to post the Wizard Weekly today, so here it is! Credit goes to Fawne!

~ Edward Lifegem


Heroic Pyromancer said...

OK, Ed, when do you want to meet up? I really want to you add you to my friend list.-Thunderblade

Edward Lifegem said...

Lets try now! I am not busy at all :) Comment back where you want to meet. Thanks!

Heroic Pyromancer said...

Um, location: Mooshu, Jade Palace, Moodha Statue, realm: sunbird area 1, 8:00 pm central. Can't wait to meet you.-Thunderblade

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey XD Mind if I meet you guys there?