June 29, 2011

Patriotic Leprechaun/ Blog Post Sections/ Forest Lord

Hello Wizards!

Now, I forgot to mention that the Patriotic leprechaun was finally released in the crowns shop! I really wish I could get one, looks like I won't be able to get one though, due to 27 crowns. Anyways, this pet is in the crowns show for 2500 crowns! If you would like to know what it looks like, here is a design from the Wizard101 website.

Talking about the fourth of July! I can't wait until Monday gets here. This holiday is my favorite holiday. I am thinking about taking a break from wizard101 to enjoy the holiday weekend/week with family. If I do, I would most likely warn you all tomorrow about it. I don't leave right away without telling anyone that I am leaving. Can't wait to see the fireworks this year in our park, they were very awesome last year, I wish there was a youtube video for it. I might be making one to show you all! One year I was going to video tape the fireworks but the camera fell in water- now I think everyone knows who gets bad luck like this- yes, that is right! Me! Anyways, before I make a blog post about the fourth of July instead of wizard101, lets talk about something else.

The Reason I divide my posts into sections:
Okay, now writing together will get boring, this is why I divide them in sections. In some of my blog posts this month they have had different sections, for example: Yesterday I did another section called, My adventures through the ravenwood ball. Before that I was talking about pvp, If I put those two together I am sure I would be getting a lot of question marks for comments. That is why I put them in sections for all of those who wanted to know.

Wizard101 and the Forest Lord:
Something annoying for me is trying to get forest lord for my life character on wizard101. I don't think any wizards like Grizzleheim, well at least this wizard right here, I am in the beginning of grizzleheim trying to get through to get my forest lord pet that I really do want for my life character. I like my satyr pet, he just gets annoying when he has been dancing for 1 year, you know, so I want the forest lord pet :) Anyways, I don't only have to complete that world for the pet, I also have to defeat most of the Wintertusk. I think if I took time out for it I bet I could get through grizzleheim very fast! Most can't stay on 24 hours trying to get a pet though. Now just to go a little off topic from the pet, when Celestia was released on the test realm, I was on my ice character right away. I really wanted to see the new spell for ice, and I got through Celestia with my ice character in a matter of 8 hours! If only I could do the same with Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. Oh and when I first used my spell in the arena, a couple of wizards said it was weak, and I said: Wait for it. and then it did 600 per round! That is one strong spell if you ask me! Anyways, enough about snow angel, I hope I get my forest lord pet, and I also hope that I get the phoenix pet soon for my fire, I could get it by Christmas though since I didn't start Grizzleheim yet on my fire.

No forest lord picture.

Well, looks like I am done with today's blog post! I hope to see you all around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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