June 6, 2011

Pet-a-palooza, Wintertusk, Online Safety

Hello Wizards,

Some new news around the Spiral is that the Pet-A-Palooza has now started! From now through June 14th, you can buy pets with crowns, and some may be 50% off. This is kind of like the mount-a-palooza. Some other older pets like the gobbler are there in the crowns shop again, so If you would like to buy them and you didn't get a chance to yet you can! Here is a link to more information:

Questing through Wintertusk:
I have been having fun questing through Wintertusk on my death character today. I think I will be able to get my scarecrow pet today! It will hatch tomorrow though. I really want to start my life character through Wintertusk but he is only a little through Grizzleheim. I hope that one day I will be able to get my new forest lord pet. Most of my characters aren't even through Grizzleheim or haven't even started. I think I might start my life character and then fire character after I finish Wintertusk on my death character. I am going to put a poll up asking, How far are you through Wintertusk? right after this post.

Nothing to blog about:
Thats all I have to blog about for now everyone, There wasn't really anything to blog about today. Sorry guys! Going to try to find something to blog about soon or tomorrow. Enjoy some of the blog post I made today! And see you all around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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