June 4, 2011

Power of Storm Lord/ Contest Update/ Wizardweekly

Hello Wizards,

Alicane isn't so happy right now. After kraken, He thought all of it was over, but it really wasn't!

Before Alicane could even say anything, storm lord zapped him!

Alicane: Wow, I officially give up on these battles!
Storm Lord: I knew you would!

Other than the story, I made another 1 million hit. But you wouldn't guess, I did that alone, No help! There was also critical and I bought a bunch of treasure cards, and I had balance blades treasures. It was fun, I can't believe I hit One million alone with storm lord! I guess my storm is more powerful than I thought after all! No offense to any storm wizards out there, but the health really doesn't help :)

Other than the storm lord hit,

The contest ends tomorrow! Don't forget to send in your submissions, and I have been reading them. Thanks everyone for joining this contest. If you haven't emailed me yet. Email me at: edwardwintergem@yahoo.com Good luck everyone! Also, Don't forget I am giving away 10 free kingsisle codes, 1 sultans palace gift card, and one 10 dollar gift card, Good luck to all!

Wizard Weekly:
I do not own this video- Credit goes to fawne!

Thats it for now everyone, Enjoy and see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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