June 20, 2011

Producers Letter- Facebook Page- Swords For Cards

Hi wizards!

The June 2011 Producers letter was just released! It had some exciting news in it too. Here is a quote from part of the producers letter:
We're definitely not for Summer, either! Things are still heating up here with the nifty stuff we're working on. I hope you are interested in faraway places, as we are currently planning expeditions to new, undiscovered lands to see if there is more life (and treasures) out there to discover.

Wow, that sounds very awesome, if you would like to read more on the Producers letter here is a link to that:

So other than the producers letter, I left a side note on the side of my blog saying that I wouldn't do a blog post yesterday, I am back and sorry yesterday was very busy! I hope all had a great fathers day! I can't believe that was the first day I could do a blog post, but really didn't do a blog post! Well I am back and I am ready to do more blog posts :)

I just wanted to mention again, for wizards who can't follow this blog, you can follow my Facebook page, even the followers on here can follow it! If you would like a link to my Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem Facebook Page it can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Around-the-Spiral-with-Edward-Lifegem/190941214288072

Oh and I just wanted to say I might not be here on the Fourth of July which is 2 weeks away from today, so I will be just putting a bunch of firework videos on my blog on the fourth since its the fourth of July, I hope you all don't mind :)

Sword for Cards:

SwordTroll: I am giving away a sword for cards! Anyone want to take this offer?

Wizard: Sure, You will give me the sword code right, I mean you won't run away after I give you all of my treasure cards?

SwordTroll: x does an evil laugh x Why would you think I would do that, I can be trusted! Just give me the cards first and I will run awa- I mean I will give you the sword code!

Wizard: No thanks, I don't really want my treasure cards being taken.

SwordTroll: Fine, I wasn't going to give you the sword anyways, Was just going to take the cards- Troll thinks.

Now, Don't forget you all if this type of thing happens to you, you should know it is a scam, I just wanted to send a warning out to everyone. This kind of thing happened this morning to a wizard but it didn't end like what I said up above. It gets annoying so I am sure most do know not to say yes, and give their cards away. It happened to me before and I gave that person this: 5 regenerate, 5 rebirth, 5 unicorn and 5 satyr, plus a couple of scarecrows, and he kept saying more, and then he left. I admit I should have known, but I didn't. Oh well.

Well,  that is it for today and I hope I see you all Around the Spiral! Take care!

~ Edward Lifegem

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