June 16, 2011

Waterworks and Nastrond Switcharoo

Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about a Switcharoo with the Waterworks and Nastrond Dungeons.

Today I was only going to blog about farming for my level 60 gear in Waterworks, and Squidward sent one of his minions out after being attacked by storm lord. When I lost connection I had to go back into the Waterworks so I could finish up the main boss to see if I get some of my level 60 gear. I looked away for a second after standing on the sigil and I looked to see that a person joined with me and the dungeon started over. He went right back outside. I told everyone not to join before I stepped on the sigil because I wanted to finish up the dungeon. So instead of finishing up the waterworks I teleported to another dungeon called: Nastrond

Instead of finishing up the Waterworks I started finishing up Nastrond! I guess snow angel actually did, but still I am glad I ported to another group who invited me in for the end of the dungeon. I wonder why Squidward didn't want me finishing the dungeon though? Maybe he was scared. Oh well, anyways I am guessing I was supposed to finish this dungeon instead. Got a great photo of when we finished and a couple of others I would like to show you! Also, I am very glad I have something to write about today :)

I don't think Frost giant was awake during this photo so don't get mad at him! He is usually sleepy and when he or if he wakes up, lets just say it would be total destruction of the Spiral.
Thanks for letting me fight you and get some awesome things! x bows x

Other than the dungeons, I leveled my satyr to Ancient! It took forever to get my pet there though. Here is my stats now on my life character they look very awesome! This is a photo of my talent at ancient! Life shot- Way too awesome. Hopefully this works with rebirth. Some reason I always fizzle with that spell.

Now, here are my life stats, I think these are the best stats that suit life! Also, I wonder if I can get that new pet with 27 crowns? :D Or anything with 27 crowns? Hmm I don't know. I could probably afford the entire crowns shop with that!

Well that is it for now everyone, see you all around the spiral, and stay safe online!

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

Well it stinks you couldn't get back into Waterworks, but I'm glad you could come join us! And congrats on leveling your satyr!

Fin and Quinn said...

Actually, you can get *slightly* better stats with Wintertusk Crafted Athames, rings, amulets and wands. Unless you already have it.

Also, with the lvl 58 gear, WT dropped and crafted, and Waterworks gear, which is the best is subjective.