June 17, 2011

The Wizard101 Community

Hi again everyone,

I would like to talk about the wizard101 community in this blog post. As most have noticed, some of the community hasn't really been treating each other very nice, also some haven't been good friends. Not just online of wizard101 offline, It can be Facebook, Twitter, Skype, even Wizard101 Central. Some just ignore it, but this is something to talk about. Some ways to take care of the problems in the community:

  1. Remove whoever isn't being nice to you- If you have a person that is being mean to you on Facebook, you can block them, if it is everything, I mentioned above- remove them, block them, delete skype, or ignore them. Some things can't be ignored and if that is the problem maybe you need to talk to them before you do any of those things. Nicely not in a rude way.
  2. Blogger- This was an old topic, this was a very annoying topic to talk about, but if you are still having the issue, if you don't like blogging at all, Take a break or do what you wish, if you do keep doing it!
  3. Other Problems- I have been hearing a lot from the community the last, month, all bad things, Hopefully these things do get taken care of. I know most of you have been mad at someone in the community but don't forget we are supposed to be sticking together, not being mean to each other.

Before, I start preaching about this, I have to admit there are people in wizard101 or facebook that I don't like. Oh and sometimes I have started arguments, I didn't forget that others might not want to hear it though, So I stopped, and that took care of the others who were getting annoyed by the arguments and it took care of the person I was arguing with :) Also, this happened this year during the Winter. Some of my followers might have seen it. There are always going to be people that you don't like, you don't have them around through your entire life though do you? Nope. Also, don't forget we are all here because we enjoy wizard101, or just chatting with friends, I don't think anyone is here to argue with others. So lets try to keep it family friendly- just like the game. 

I don't really have time for a long blog post because of some things in real life, I hope you guys read this or comment below. Hopefully when I do publish this I won't go back down to 8 followers lol, Oh well, just wanted you to read this. See ya later

~ Edward Lifegem

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Anonymous said...

Well if people get mad about this you probably dont want them as followers anyway :P