July 31, 2011

Groups VS. Clans

Hello Wizards,

Now I have made way too many posts about clans and groups, it may be giving some a headache. It is giving me a headache. Anyways, Today I would like to talk about the wcp, wac and a very bad clan that I have noticed the past few months. As you have read in many posts below, I have been talking about the Wizard city Protectors a lot. In the last month or so, I have been getting negative comments about the group. Now, in this post, I would like to tell what Kingsisle did say about not approving groups in game.

They said action may be taken against our group- which is trying to help their game stay family friendly- The thing is, I don't really want to quit the group. This is the reason why:

This clan has been very bad in the commons, so one day I decided to look up this clan, and found out that they do bad things in the game, and a lot of other things that I am not saying because I want my blog to be family friendly. Anyways, the point I am trying to prove is, getting mad at the wcp or wac, for trying to help the game is not right. Another thing is that this "clan" is not helping the game and they somehow are getting a lot of support, and not much are mad at them, but they are mad at wac and wcp for helping? This is something that I mentioned on Facebook earlier. Kingsisle doesn't approve groups, and I am okay with that, I guess. The thing is, this clan has been getting away with a lot, but kingsisle did not do anything about it. I am not trying to be rude to kingsisle, but I hope they do read this blog post. I promise for sure, this will be the last time I will talk about clans or groups on the blog.

To end the blog post, I will be joining wcp again. Its just like wac, so don't get mad at me or any others for joining the group. If you should be mad at a clan it should be the one I am talking about, and I am sure most do know which clan I am talking about.

See you around the spiral, and So sorry again for typing about this, It will be the last time of me typing about clans and groups.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 27, 2011

Situations, Situations, Situations

Hello Everyone,

I really would like to say I am very sorry about the terrible blog posts lately. I would like to talk about something that has been going around the community though. I posted a letter on Facebook as a note not too long ago, maybe a couple of weeks ago. It says this exactly:

Thank you for contacting Kingsisle Support. We have launched a full investigation into your concern and found no issue with anything you were doing while in the commons. We recommend that you simply ignore these as Wizard101 Staff Wizards will NEVER take any action against you account unless you're doing something wrong. Don't let them get to you and please report them if they use inappropriate language  or bully you in game. We'll review those logs and take action if we need to. Please continue to enjoy the game and I'm sure that everything will work out. In fact keep up the WCP, it sounds like a great group. Tell your brother we enjoyed watching his youtube channel and reading his blog.

The Senior Wizards
Kingsisle Support

Yet after this letter I have posted a few weeks ago. Some have been telling me I have lied about this letter. It has been making me very upset that most do think that. If you are one who thinks that, I am sorry you do. I would never lie about a letter from kingsisle. I have forward this letter along with many others to you. I am not trying to be rude when I say this, but when I get online, I do not enjoy reading that people think I am lying about this. The truth is, I would never lie about that, or anything else. I don't think I will have an issue with this anymore because I have sent the letter out. I do wish the people who thought I was lying would at least say sorry though, in the past weeks I have been thinking about quitting wizards because of this. Its been very bad to get online to the game I enjoy along with many others of the Wcp, to see that I apparently have been lying about this. Now, if you ask me, it seems like I have been bullied not on wizards, but on the networking sites, like twitter, or Facebook. Also, I want to say, wcp is a good group, and many others agree to this. If you don't I am sorry. This was an unexpected blog post, and I wasn't going to do another blog post about wcp, but this is actually a blog post that needs to be read, not only by those who love wcp, but those who think I would lie about something like this. Like I have said many times before, I would never lie about a kingsisle letter. One bad thing is that I take my time out, to write about wcp, because I do not want to be called a liar. Also, I do not want anyone being rude to the group wcp because, all you are doing is basically bullying them. Kingsisle later sent a letter from Ian Emerald. They said that the person who did send that letter went out to far saying that the wcp sounded like a great group. To tell the truth, that was not our mistake, it was Kingsisles mistake. I am trying to help wizard101 like I have been doing since I first started the game in 2009. I admit, there are some who don't like the idea of the game being family friendly like its supposed to be, but the situation between wcp being a bad group and some made up group. I hope you guys do understand this blog post because I am not going to log on tomorrow seeing that I am a liar. I hope you guys do understand that. Also, I hope I do at least get a sorry, along with the members of wcp. Thanks for reading, also I am very sorry that some didn't want to read this.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 20, 2011

Wish it was my last blog post- Isn't though.


Well yesterday I put a post about the Wizard City Protectors being cancelled because of a reason. Now, since the post the other day, I thought that was my best post I have ever made, showing my thoughts, and what I thought about wcp. Now, One thing I know is that, some for some reason hate me, or hate the group. I don't think that's right at all. Just because I created a group to help the game, you shouldn't be saying hateful comments about us, or saying things like the group shouldn't even help. Now, I decided to quit the wcp, before someone says more rude things to me, but If you all still want to be a wcp on your own, you can. One thing I disagree on is that a person- who apparently isn't a nice person- was in the commons yesterday false reporting a lot of people. Now, my friend told me that. If this person reads my blog, you really should be ashamed of yourself, posing as others, and doing all of that. Well since all of this is happening, I am planning on cancelling my birthday party too. I am not going on wizard101 just to have someone pose as me or for people to call me or the wcp rude names. I hope you guys do understand my post, I am just really upset about all of this. To tell the truth, I was really thinking about quitting wizard101 and blogging because of all of this. For those being rude- I do not take out a lot of time blogging and playing Wizard101 just for someone to call me rude names, or the rest of wcp rude names. For those being rude, I really have nothing to say. Well since I am going to be busy from now until 9 days from now. I am thinking about not getting on wizard101 at all, since my birthday, and my moms birthday is in the 9 days. Anyways, I am very sorry about all of this, and if you see a character named Edward Lifegem who isn't me and is acting like wcp, don't listen to him or just port away.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 19, 2011

Cancelled Forever

Hey all,

Wcp is now cancelled. I really have nothing to say, other than, those who didn't trust me with the letter I put on my blog- I am sorry you thought I lied.

~ Edward Lifegem

A post to those who don't like Wizard City Protectors

Hello Wizards,

I wasn't planning on doing a blog post today, but a note needs to go out to those being very rude to Wizard City Protectors, and those just not liking the group. First off, I would like to address that is a group and not a clan. Another thing is that getting very rude comments about the group is very mean. The reason I say the game is family friendly along with others in the group is because that is what the game is supposed to be. Some may say they don't care or younger players don't have open chat. The truth is younger wizards do have open chat and they should care. Not one report went out since I started the group. Another thing that is very disappointing is those who want the game to be family friendly, but hate our group. Now if we simply just quit the group, in a couple of years everyone in the game would be using bad language, or cyber bullying others. If we keep the group going- which we are- maybe those will learn that you can't say things like that or bully others on the game. This is what I have been explaining in a lot of blog posts before. One thing I disagree to is that people are acting rude to the wizard city protector group. Like I have said, the game is supposed to be family friendly, why can't we all keep it that way? Someone in the commons said we have no authority, we have no badge that will keep them quiet. Well we do have something, we make a good point. That's something that needs to be said even if you don't like the group or not. I know we can't change the entire game, but why can't we try to change some of it? I don't like it that those are being rude to this group at all. Its just like being rude to anybody else. If you don't like the group, don't talk to us, because some may get feelings hurt, and that is something that I don't want to happen. If you do like the group, support everyone on our Wizard City Protectors blog: http://wizardcityprotectors.blogspot.com/ or wizard city protectors Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wizard-City-Protectors/116478058446932

Once again, I am very sorry I posted about the Wcp, it may be getting boring to those, its something that I really wanted to say. I am not going to let people in the game bully us because they don't want the game being family friendly. I do hope that kingsisle does read this post because its very important that they do. I know it may sound boring, but its very important that this does stop. A note for the wizard city protectors- just like kingsisle said just ignore them if they are bullying you in the game- I hope you guys do understand this blog post and why I did type it. I hope that you guys do, thanks for reading this post. It really does mean a lot, and also, sorry for writing almost all of my thoughts out! See you in the spiral!

Okay I know some are mad about the report rule? as some call it. Now this is not even a rule, also WE barely report, and those getting mad because of that. Well not trying to be rude, but that may be something that you are saying for this group- not clan- to quit.  Earlier today I did this post to tell you guys that we weren't trying to be the big bad trolls of the spiral. - that was kinda funny- but to the point, we don't report, we tell everyone to remember the game is family friendly, we don't have the report rule anymore, and we want you guys to support us, not knock us off the volcano in Dragonspyre. Now for those who hate our group for helping, that's just sad. Its kinda like telling everyone to stop running in wizard101. Lol I don't think that's possible though, because wizards on the game are always running.

  • The group doesn't have a report rule anymore- we will only be telling those the game is family friendly, and everyone can report those who are misbehaving in the commons.
  • We aren't the reporters of the wizard world, so If someone is using bad language report them for it, or remind them the game is family friendly.
  • We will keep doing this group, No matter what anyone else says, because if you run through the commons maybe for one minute, most will noticed the game is not family friendly there. So we are only helping that. 
I hope you guys do understand, and very sorry for this sincere post.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 17, 2011

Missing Wizard101 During my Birthday?

Hi again,

Well, I won't be able to blog again for a while. Starting tomorrow until the 29th of July, I might not be able to blog at all, due to some family birthdays, including mine. I was going to tell you guys this in the post below, but forgot to. I will be on Wizard101 sometime during the next 11 days, but not much. My birthday is on July 28th which is 11 days from now. So I hope to see you guys a little today. I am still planning on having the birthday party though. I have been decorating my Sultans Palace. I think you guys did see in one post there was a classroom. Well that was part of my Sultans Palace! For those who haven't here is another picture of that.

I hope to see you all a little on my birthday too. I will be on early in the morning just to say hi to you all, and one thing, Don't gift me anything! I won't mind the happy birthdays though, because birthdays are awesome. Oh and while talking about birthdays, don't forget to wish Cassandra Dragonheart a happy birthday! Today is her birthday! Happy birthday again from my blog! I wished her a happy birthday on twitter, and Facebook. I can't believe how many wizards have birthdays in July! Okay well, I better end this blog post, and I will miss you all! Hopefully I can still have that party and here is some information about that below.


Birthday Party:

Where?- My Sultans Palace!

When?- July 28th- 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Central time.

What if you can't have it being busy?- Well hopefully that doesn't happen, I hope I can make it to my own birthday party!

Don't use bad language at all, or you will be kicked out of the party.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Most importantly have fun!


I hope to see you all sometimes this week. Have fun in Wizard101 and see you all later! I will be on Wizard101 today for a bit. After today will be busy and I think today is going to be busy. Hopefully not though. Well see you all later! I will try to post if I can!

Yum Birthday Cake!!!! I mean, Bye!

~ Edward Lifegem

Redeeming Gifts

Hello Wizards,

Blue Raptor Sword
Today I would like to talk about the Kingsisle Free Game website. I think most have played the games there and redeemed some nice things. Well I decided to play for about 10 minutes yesterday and I redeemed some nice things that I didn't think I would get. Right next to this is some photos of what I got to redeem!

One other thing I have been trying to redeem  is at least 2  pages of mount rentals! I have a lot of star light pony rentals to redeem. Glad I have some mounts for other characters though! I won't run out of mounts until at least the end of August!

Mounts I am trying to Redeem

I think think Kingsisle Free games did put a lot of mounts for the codes. I have at least 5 starlight pony mounts to redeem! I might just switch some of the mounts to different characters so they will have a mount. For the blue raptor sword, I am keeping one for my life character, and one for my myth character. I am glad I finally got another one of those because I didn't think I would get another one since I don't buy the Beckett magazines anymore. I can't wait to keep trying to see what other things I can get from the Kingsisle Free games. I have to say the best thing about kingsisle free games would be the pets or mounts. Some may not have mounts and maybe want to try to win one from there. It really does save crowns for wizards! I think they should have little crown surprises in there. Maybe 100 crowns or 200 crowns. Not that much because everyone would be going there to win crowns instead of buying them. Well that's it for this post, see you all tomorrow, or see you all in the game today!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 16, 2011

Randomness Posting

Hello Wizards,

I would like to talk about a few things today, yesterday I didn't get to type my blog post I was going to write because I had to write about the Wizard City Protectors again. Anyways, today at 11:00 a.m. Central for me, I am going to be watching the Waterworks Run, as you might have read in Thomas Lionblood's post- http://thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com/2011/07/live-waterworks-run-today.html- Remember, Ravenwood Radio will be doing a live waterworks run, here is a link if you would like a link to Ravenwood Radio- http://ravenwoodradio.com/- I can't wait until this starts! Don't forget to click Listen Live if you would like to see them go through the Waterworks! I think that this will be awesome just like the Briskbreeze tower, I think some may have seen that in an earlier Ravenwood Radio live run. Anyways, don't forget to click on the Friendly Necromancer's link to get more information about this event!

News in the Spiral:
Well there is a lot to talk about, If you go to Ravenwood News on the wizard101 website, you will see that there is a contest from Paige's Page and The Petnome Projects Birthday! Paige Moonshade is having a dorm room contest which is ending on July 24th. If you would like more information on that, go to this link: http://www.paigemoonshade.com/2011/07/best-little-dorm-in-wizard-city-2.html
Remember, if you think you will lose, go ahead and try, because you never know, you might win!

Don't forget the Petnome's Birthday though! Btw, Happy Early birthday! Their birthday is on July 19th. They are giving out a lot of prizes and its their birthday! Remember to wish them happy birthday and say thanks if you win. They are way too awesome! If you would like more information on this go to this link:

A little more information about the Wizard City Protectors: 
Yesterday I was very rude in my blog post if you have read it. I want to say sorry if you had to read that, I decided to make another little post about the Wizard City Protectors. I hope you guys don't mind. This group- not clan- helps wizard city with all of its troubles. Now, wizard city protectors can report, we don't report much because we aren't someone who stomps through the commons clicking report. We remind those that its a family friendly game, and they really need to think before they say something bad that the entire wizard world can see. 
Wizard City Protectors Photo

Some more information about this group is that, yes, I did pick out 2 reporters, mostly because this group was bigger than I expected it to be. In the photo above, not everyone was online, and it was a last minute thing. If you have 15 wizards reporting someone who said one bad language word, they would get banned. Its different if you aren't in the group though, of course you can report, that's what the group is about. Now, some may ask, why did you only pick 2 people to report? well that's the reason. Now before I go on about the Wizard City protectors, I would like to say thanks to those who joined and supporting us. It really means a lot :) I hope this post made a little more sense than yesterday.

Yes, you have made it to the end of the blog post! Thanks for reading guys, and I hope to see you around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 15, 2011


Hello everyone,

I need to write another blog post about Wcp. This is something that needs to be said. This group is not for us reporting only and for everyone else to stop reporting. I know some may not like the group, but It is only an idea that I think is good, and others do too. I am really mad that those think that. Its only a group that helps, Some people can't report when those do need to be reported, Now this is something I thought about the first year I joined the game. I think that this is a good group, and yes we are going to keep trying to make the game family friendly like its supposed to be. I am going to quote Kingsisle from the email they sent us.

I'm sure everything will work out. In fact keep up the Wcp, it sounds like a great group.

Another thing I would like to discuss is that this group is NOT telling anyone that they can't report because we are helping. It really is frustrating when you try to help but there are obstacles that get in the way. Kind of like the pet race in the Pet pavilion. Like I said in previous blog posts, This is just a group that is helping, Just like wac. In fact all we are trying to do is help. Okay one thing that is making me mad, is those who read my earlier blog posts, are still wondering what the wcp is, or are doubting it. If you haven't read the other ones I am very sorry you have to read this again. Now, some say there are rules, but there are only 2 report people because if all of us report, they would only get banned. I am not wanting anyone to get banned, plus before we ask them to please remember its a family friendly game. If those don't agree with this group and are in it, you didn't have to join if you didn't want to. If you do, I really do thank you for joining and helping the game you love. Well before I start preaching about the group- if I haven't already- I hope you guys do agree.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 14, 2011

The Manders Hiding

Hello Wizards,

I am sorry for the late post, I got very busy this morning and couldn't post what I wanted to post. First of all, I would like to tell you guys thanks again for supporting Wcp- Wizard City Protectors. Another thing is that there have been a lot of complaints from this realm even before Wac, or Wcp was even thought of. I think that the worst part of this realm is the people acting immature, and causing a lot of destruction to the family friendly part of this game. I think those there should know that Kingsisle did add the report option for a reason, and I know if Kingsisle wanted the game family friendly, We should keep it family friendly. So instead of me writing about it, remember to tell those to keep the game nice instead of ruining it. Now other than the Wizard City Protectors message, I would like to tell you what I will be blogging about today! Today, I am going to show those who have been wondering where the manders are in Celestia. I know some might know, but remember, there are always those wondering how to get around the game or, those who are new to the world of Celestia.

Mander Locations In Celestia: Pictures of the locations of the Manders

Celestia Base Camp

Survey Camp

The Grotto

The district of the Stars

The Stellarium 

The Portico


Stormriven Hall

Science Center

Crustacean Empire

Well there it is guys, This blog post including finding all of these took like 2-3 hours. Oh well glad I had help! Found all of these Manders. Hope this will be helpful for those, if they are still having a hard time finding them.  I didn't know where they were at all until today, so this should help if you couldn't find them anywhere in Celestia, or just had trouble finding them. Good luck :)

---End of Blog Post---

Well, See you all Around the Spiral, and I hope that you liked the blog post today! 

~ Edward Lifegem

July 13, 2011

More School Mount Information

Hello Wizards,

I decided to make another blog post talking about school mounts. Kingsisle should really look at this idea, since we have school pets it would be very cool if they could make school mounts one day. I think that it would be a great idea along with some others who have mentioned spells being mounts, or just different mounts. School mounts would be just like school pets. I think that a lot of ideas of school mounts have spread around the Spiral. If there were school mounts, just like I mentioned in a earlier blog post, here are some ideas.

Myth: Mythbat, or maybe, humongofrog, for those who don't like things getting sick everywhere, this may not be the mount for you.

Ice: Pegasus- The horse with wings. Or maybe a Frost beetle mount.

Storm: Someone mentioned to me in the commons, a leviathan mount would be a nice mount for storm wizards, or maybe a lightning bolt!

Fire: Fire dragon or phoenix would be a great mount for the fire students. Can you imagine having a fire dragon mount? Or phoenix mount in your fire house?

Death: Skeletal dragon- Skeletal dragon is different from the bone dragon.

Balance: This one would be scorpion or maybe the sun- nova- would be nice.

Life: Now this one was hard to think of. I think something to do with regeneration would be awesome for the life school.

These are just a couple of ideas of what would be nice to add in the game. They may not add them being too much work to add something like that to the game. It would be very cool if they did add them though. If they were to add them, it may be costing crowns since they would be better than any mount in the game, don't you think? I hope one day they will add one of these mounts or maybe future spell mounts! I am sure one day they will add a mount that really does fly in the sky. When they added dragons and brooms, I thought they would fly in the air. Since they added swimming mounts, you never know if they will add flying mounts. Well we will see if they do one day.

See you all Around the Spiral,

~ Edward Lifegem

Also, I would like to give FinandQuinn Credit with this idea, because I read this on their blog post one day, and I forgot about reading the post, and I thought of snow angel being a mount one day, and that's why I thought of School Mounts. Sorry if it did seem if I was copying their ideas. Here is a link to their blog post :)

July 12, 2011

Paige MoonShade's Dorm Room Contest!

Hi Wizards,

As an introduction to my post I would like to talk about a contest that Paige Moonshade is having! I think this would be great with anyone who loves to decorate their dorms. Paige is having a contest and she is giving out 25 prizes to the winners! If you would like more information I suggest you go to this link: http://www.paigemoonshade.com/2011/07/best-little-dorm-in-wizard-city-2.html
I am not going to enter this contest because I am in a process of decorating my Sultans palace :) I wish all of you good luck for those entering this awesome contest! Also I remember hearing about one of these last year, I was going to enter but I didn't know where her blog was, Oh well, Next year I may enter if she has another one! Also you should follow her blog if you can, she is awesome :)

The other day I couldn't find the video for leprechaun, I decided to look again and I found it! This is a strong hit close to the Centaur hit I showed you in a picture in a earlier blog post. If you can subscribe to my Youtube channel! Here is the video:
I do own this video, I hope you enjoy! :)

Its getting confusing:
Okay, I decided this will be my last post with subtitles, Its getting annoying and confusing mixing the post together. It may look boring doing the post without subtitles because putting writing all together does look boring if you ask me. I hope you guys understand. Oh and I would like to talk about a few changes I have made to my blog. As you notice, I removed the voting where you could vote awesome, great, bad, or terrible. I think that kind of took up some space so I removed them. Also I changed the background and header again, I hope you guys like them :) One more thing, I added labels, You can click on one of them and look at earlier posts that I have made that had a similarity  between this post and the earlier post. Okay I changed my goal again since I passed the goal I made last month. That was 101, now I have 102 followers! My new goal will be 125. I said I would never get to 101 followers, and I did. So this time I am going to say for sure I am going to get to 125, I think. Wish me luck! And help if you can, thanks! :) 

-------End of Blog Post-------

Yes you have made it to the end of the blog post again, congratulations for reading through all of that! Also, don't forget to sign up for Paige's contest! Good luck again, and see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 11, 2011

School Mounts and News Around the Spiral

Hey Wizards,

These past few days I have been on Wizard101 a lot, its been crazy. The other day I was on 8 hours during the day. Last time I was on that long was the beginning on the year. The weird thing about that is, I wasn't really doing anything and was very bored. I hope that they do release something on test realm again, when Wintertusk was released I kept blogging about pets, and what talents they gave. I really did like the Judgement talents. They were awesome, I like that it gave may cast, and gargantuan. So other than the Wintertusk being released months ago, Lets talk about some news around the Spiral.

The Fairy Wings and the Patriotic Leprechaun:
First off, I think most do know about the Fairy Wings. They... Yeah that's all I am saying about that. Well and that they cost 7500 crowns for a permanent, and 2500 for a 7 day rental. They come in orange, blue and purple for any who didn't know about them. So other than that, I have some other things I am going to talk about, with new mount ideas after this. Look for that. Another thing is that the Patriotic leprechaun will be leaving the spiral in a little more than 4 hours. If you haven't had a chance to get your Patriotic Leprechaun look in the crowns shop, they cost 2500 crowns. See ya next year when you are released again Patriotic Leprechaun!

School Mounts:
I think you guys have seen on Facebook or Twitter that I have been talking about school mounts. If you haven't I have been talking about that a lot lately. I have been really thinking about a new pegasus mount for the ice school. Here are some ideas from friends and from me about school mounts.

Balance: Scorpion, the bug you first get when you create a balance, or hydra maybe?

Storm: Leviathan, Storm shark- I don't know about that since they have a shark mount already.

Myth: The blood bat, that's the only one I could think of for myth.

Death: Skeletal Dragon- Bone dragon is different from skeletal dragon.

Fire: Fire Dragon, Phoenix, Firecat. 

Life: Centaur would be the only mount that life could have.

Ice: Pegasus!

Ice only gets the Picture since they are my favorite school. Wouldn't it be awesome to have school mounts though? I think it would. We have a lot of school pets, all we need is school mounts and I think this would be a great idea. Hopefully one they will add school mounts, and ice could be the best school in wizard101! I mean all of our schools could be awesome :) Anyways, tell me what you think below about school mounts. As you can tell, I think it would be an awesome idea to have them!

Favorite Vs. Worst Spell in the game: Random
Do you remember me talking about my favorite and least favorite things in other blog posts? Well I would like to talk about my favorite spell and my least favorite spell in the game. Out of all schools my favorite and least favorite spells are in one school! My least favorite spell in the game is Ice beetle. I don't really know why this is my least favorite but, it just got boring after 2 years, that may be why. My favorite spell in the game is in fact snow angel, I am not going to say this is my favorite spell forever because I am sure they will add awesome new spells in the next world update. Since this was just a random post I thought of, What is your favorite and least favorite spell in the game? Also comment below with wouldn't be awesome with school mounts.

Woot, You made it to the end of the blog post for the 100th time, I mean, See ya around the Spiral, or in the classroom in my Sultans Palace! Okay maybe not in the Classroom, Just wanted to show you part of the Area I have been decorating for the party on July 28th.

~ Edward Lifegem

July 10, 2011

Contest Ends- Winner Announced, WCP

Hello Wizards,

I would like to announce the winner of the contest! First I would like to thank everyone who signed up for it though. I am sorry I would give you all 10 dollar w101 gift cards but I only have one for this contest. Anyways, the winner of the contest is....

Colin MythCaster!- He made a very awesome comment, here is what he said:
If I could change one thing about Wizard101 it would be Nothing! That's right, NOTHING. I know there is problems in the Spiral like Tempest Spamming and others, but if Wizard101 didn't have its far share of problems the game would not be what we all fell in love with and cherished so much. I mean look at the community. The Friendly necromancer and all of the bloggers put hours out of their day to bring us the latest news from the Spiral and their in game adventures. Ravenwood Radio the podcast that everyone loves to listen to puts a lot of work into the production, editing, and overall quality of the show. Petnome is a site that shows we can work as a team to find out each talent of each pet in the Spiral. The list goes on forever! I love Wizard101 and the community we all have contributed to. Without you the spiral would never be the same. That is why I would never change a thing! 

Thanks Colin, This is something that I agree with, there are a lot of things that need to be changed in the spiral but I think everyone knows nothing can be perfect. That's what makes the Wizard101 unique. Also, Colin, I need a way to contact you to send you the code. Congratulations :) One more thing everyone, I love all of your ideas, and the ones about the chat, yeah that is something that might need to be changed. My favorite thing about the Wizard101 is the community too! When I joined I didn't think I would find so much nice people, or wizards out there! :)

Other than the contest, I would like to thank you all for your very nice comments and tweets. It really means a lot that you guys do care about this group, even though some may not, It still means a lot. I am glad you guys are a very helpful community and you guys are awesome! I am going to keep doing this group because its not a bully group, its a helpful group just like you guys are. Just like I said yesterday the reason I chose the Wizard City protectors is because we help, I wish there was a badge called the Wizard city Helpers. Anyways, I hope you guys agree with this group too. Its not a clan, its more of a friendly group. Now, I would like to talk more about the situation that went on the other day. I hope you guys don't get too bored with all of the writing though! Someone put on the Wizard101 Facebook page that we were very mean and that we were bullies. Wizard101 commented below and said that they knew about the antics of this group and are going to sanction it accordingly. I was very mad about that, I mean we are helping the game, if we were bullies, I would even say go ahead and report. As you can tell with the blog posts I do, I would never let any of my friends just bully someone else, and I wouldn't let myself bully anyone at all. If Kingsisle does read this blog, I would just like to tell you that this group is helpful, it would never ruin the game. Okay, I am sure some are getting tired of me talking about the Wizard City Protectors so much in the past few posts- shh, I kinda am getting tired of talking so much about it- but its a good group, and again, I would like to thank you all for helping support the group and also, Thanks for helping me and the other members, Remember anyone can join. :)

Well you made it once again to the end of the blog post, I hope to see you all Around the Spiral :)

~ Edward Lifegem

July 9, 2011

Wizard City Protectors

Hi guys!

I am very sorry about my post earlier, It wasn't very good and I admit that one. I just wanted to tell more information about my new group I have thought of yesterday. I think most do know what it is from a lot of Facebook status. Anyways, Here is some information about it :)

What is Wizard City Protectors?
As the badge says, its nothing bad at all! We actually will help Wizards in Wizard101 and also we will ask those misbehaving to not forget the game is family friendly. There was an issue yesterday with this group that I am not going to get into details with, but we would never ever bully anyone. If we did, even though we don't, wouldn't it be called Wizard City bullies? That doesn't sound like a good name at all I think. Anyways, got a good reply on a blog that Malorn Ghostrider, still wanted to be a Wizard city Protector because the wizards in the commons are just getting mad because the game is family friendly, and all we want to do is keep it that way. Some thought we false reported another wizard, now I for one should know I have been false reported 10 times, I would never false report anyone. Now no more talking about that, I hope that you guys do like our group :)

 I would like to ask you guys to comment below telling me if this is a good idea or not. I think it is, Once they know its family friendly maybe no more wizards will get bullied again on there. Now I know we aren't going to cause Wizard101 World Peace or anything, I just want to help some innocent wizards who are getting bullied there. I know I am not kingsisle, but they do have a lot of work to do making new worlds, and making sure the game is perfect for us. They can't get on Wizard101 most of the time to make sure some are behaving. You know how they say a person can make a difference? I think we can make a difference on there. The colors green and black will be changed to any colors at all, just as long as you guys can help. You don't have to help all of the time. Don't forget we haven't even reported at all. It was just created yesterday. If its a bad idea to help, wait a minute its not a bad idea to help, just to those who think the game shouldn't be family friendly, that's the ones who think helping the game is a bannable offense.

Now, To end this blog post, I want as much people to comment below to tell me if its a good idea. I hope you do. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you guys do like WCP, Once again anyone can join, and don't call me a leader! Lol, I just want to help just like you guys are :) Btw, Kingsisle is not mad at us at all! thanks!

~ Edward Lifegem

p.s. Contest ending tomorrow, Sorry I keep postponing it, Getting a lot of comments now!

July 8, 2011

Contest Details along with Commons Courier

Hey Wizards,

The contest is coming along great! I love all of your comments so far :) I think that's very awesome. One thing I would change in Wizard101 would be that Ice be the strongest school in Wizard101! Kidding lol, Well I think I am, Oh well. I have a lot of comments in the post below and Wizard101 should look at those comments to see if they could change some of the things you mentioned :)

The contest will be ending today at Noon central time. Good luck everyone! If you still haven't made a response here is the question again:

If there is one thing you could change in Wizard101 what would it be?

The commons Courier!
First episode of the Commons Courier made by Luke Goldhorn!

I actually watched this video yesterday and it was awesome! Thanks for letting me post this on my blog Luke :) Remember, Credit goes the Luke Goldhorn!

I just want to say something to end this blog post. I am  very sorry about the blog post yesterday, I was very mad. I have nothing to blog about today still being sad and mad right now, I hope the changes and I hope you guys can help us if anything like us being banned or muted happens. Thanks for reading guys. 

~ Edward Lifegem

Wizard101 Schools Deserve? and a Contest?

Hi Wizards,

First off, I would like to talk about the schools of wizard101 and what kind of spells they deserve, I was talking to my friend Chase Earthblade  about what type of spells the wizard101 schools deserve, your thoughts might be differently but here are my thoughts of what the schools deserve.

I think the Ice school deserves another strong all enemies hit. I think this because my favorite school is ice, and I know someday they will be strong just like the storm school. Look at snow angel, that is one tough spell, I think they deserve another spell like that when there are new spells for each school.

Yes, they deserve another strong all enemies hit spell too. They only have one hit spell for all enemies and when trying to find that, you might only find centaur if you can't find that spell. Wouldn't it be nice trying to look for 2 hit all enemy spells? I think so, hopefully they do give life another strong spell like forest lord.

Death and life are alike, they only have one hit all enemy spells. I think death needs a strong spell, maybe not like skeletal dragon, but one that steals health and hits just like scarecrow, if you ask me death does deserve a strong spell.

Myth deserves a strong all enemies hit too, I am sure myth wizards, including me, are getting tired of earthquake and humongofrog, and after the pet, it really got annoying to me. They deserve a spell that is in a range of 600-700 to all enemies. Since myth isn't the school no one really likes.

Fire is perfect to me, they have hits to all enemies and they also have strong hits. So there is no telling what they may get in the future.

Other than a spell, this school deserves health for sure. It can be embarrassing in pvp getting killed right away from another wizard, I don't like trying pvp on my storm character, mainly because 2300 health won't help.

They deserve one hit to one enemy, I think that would help, Judgement is a very boring spell, This is coming from a person who has all schools. I think they should get something awesome instead of judgement if you ask me, I don't know what the next spell should be, hopefully a strong hit to one enemy though.

That's my thoughts on what schools should get, hopefully some of these do happen, and before I forget I have another thing to talk about other than the schools and the contest.

The Wizard City Protectors: 
Some might have seen this on Facebook, I made a new group called the Wizard city protectors, this is actually a group in Wizard101, and they help against bad language or things you shouldn't say in Wizard101. This group will not be reporting much, they will be trying to tell others that this is a family friendly game and that the bad things said in the game isn't tolerated. Kind of like wizards against cussing this group will be helping kind of like that group. I am not trying to be rude or anything, but it does get annoying trying to ask for help on twitter, one time I didn't get any help so I just gave up.  Well other than that, the colors of the group should be green and black, and you should have the Wizard City protector badge on. If you can't do that its okay, I will help you get those things, or the group will. Anyone can join, and I am trying to get over 10 wizards at least to join this group. If you would like to join we are having a meeting today, more information below.

Meeting Area and more Information:
Vampire Area One
The Commons
Wear green and black and the Wizard City protector badge if possible.
Anyone can join this group.

The Contest: 
Okay I have had about 8 wizards respond to the contest question. The contest question is in the blog post below this one, If you would like to try don't forget to look at the blog post. Thanks for those who already did that! Good luck everyone :)

Yes, you once again made it to the end of the blog post! Congratulations :) Okay that's it for today and I hope to see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 7, 2011

Contest Details- 10 dollar W101 gift card

Hello Wizards,

Yes, as the blog title says, I am going to be having a new contest! Its not going to be that big of a contest like the last one, but I will be giving away a 10 dollar Wizard101 gift card and I have some treasure cards I will be giving out as a second prize. First off, Don't forget you have to be following my blog in order to win. Now, as you can tell, I am very close to 100 followers, when I get 100 followers, I will be doing the contest, and that could be today, I will make another blog post, or you can comment below here when it starts. Here are some details:

  1. You have to be following my blog in order to enter the contest and try to win the contest.
  2. There has to be 100 followers before I start the contest, which there are only 3 away, so we will see if it could be today or tomorrow.
  3. The way to win is just to be following and the question for the contest will be announced below, remember, exactly at 100 followers you can start commenting below this blog post telling me your answers to the question I am going to ask.

Question: If there could be one thing you could change in Wizard101 what would it be and why? 

This is the question, when this blog reaches 100 followers, I will start the contest. If you would like to comment now you can, I won't post them though until I reach that goal. Also, thanks for getting me to this point in followers :)

I will be doing another blog post later, this post is only about the contest I will be doing, Good luck everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Contest will be ending on Saturday, make sure to comment below to tell me the answer to my question, thank for your time :)

July 6, 2011

Kingsisle Free game Codes

Hello Wizards,

Doing some a little different today. I went to kifreegames.com to get some codes just to give out on here, first ones to get them will get to keep them! This isn't considered a contest, its just something to give out until my next contest. Save some of the codes for others and don't take them all, it would be terrible if one person took all of the codes and some others didn't get any codes right? Thanks guys, The codes will be posted throughout the blog post, good luck finding them!
If you would like to go to their site to try on your own to see what your high score could be go to this site:

Facebook and Wizard101:
Okay, I have seen a few friends from my Facebook list not acting nice to others on the game, or ruining the game itself using bad language, ect. I am sure you will be reading this right now those who did that yesterday, I did see, I won't talk about it on here though. Anyways, please remember, its a family friendly game, and for Facebook, there are younger ones who made a Facebook, they didn't make it to see the bad language in your status. Remember, think before you say, It others won't agree with the bad language, don't even put it at all. Its just an annoying status for everyone to read, I for one agree that you shouldn't be putting bad things on Facebook, I mean if you do, it will just get you a remove from your list, no one wants to see it at all. Thanks for reading for those who are doing this, it really matters that you do stop doing this, Thanks.

The Magic of Wizard101:

Hey everyone, I decided to do another experiment to see how much times a spell would fizzle within 10 rounds. 10 rounds= 100%
I tested ice spells this round. I went to Colossus boulevard to see how much times Colossus would fizzle within 10 rounds, that's right I used Colossus 10 times to see how much times it would fizzle. Here is there experiment:

First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Rounds, I didn't fizzle at all, I thought I wouldn't fizzle all 10 rounds until I made it to the 6th round, and I fizzled through the 10th round, so that means 40% of the time I fizzled. The other 60% I didn't fizzle at all. I wish It would have been at least 100% of not fizzling, 89 accuracy means I have 11% chance of fizzling. I wonder why I fizzled the 40% through 10 rounds? Oh well, I might try centaur for the life school tomorrow and see if he will fizzle since I have a 94% accuracy on my life character. I know some don't like math during the Summer, but I really wanted to show you guys that. You never know when the ice school could fizzle do you?

Well, Congratulations, you have now made it to the end of the blog post! There should be 2 winners for the Kingsisle Free Game codes, not just one. Be nice and let another person get the code! Thanks, and see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 5, 2011

A post about Random Things.

Hello Wizards,

I had a great Fourth of July weekend. Even though I did do posts on here when I said I would be gone. Oh well, I love doing blog posts now, so I am sure during holidays I will be doing posts. Anyways, I had a great time at our Park to watch the fireworks. Anyways, as you can tell I did change my background and header so it wouldn't be red and blue anymore. Since fourth of July is gone, I will keep the background and header as it is right now, I think.

Youtube Videos:
I made some new Youtube videos! I am sure most have noticed from Twitter or Youtube that I have put some links down showing you the videos. Anyways, I have made a Youtube video of a strong leprechaun hit, and a strong kraken hit. I think you guys do remember the photo of the Kraken, Well I made another hit today, with video though! Here are the videos of the leprechaun and Kraken!

Since It won't let me upload the Leprechaun Video for some reason, here is the link to that:

Help, I might die in a Battle:
I did a post over this the other day, I just wanted to skim over that a little to tell you what I was talking about for those who didn't read it. I went to the commons and went on my Magus Ice character and asked for help from 10 people in the commons, 7 said no and 3 said yes, and then I went on my legendary ice character and did the same thing and 9 people said no and one person said yes. You never know if it will be different, but with me, It seemed that the community would rather help a newer player, which is a very good thing. Now it can change if you ask in a rude or nice way. For example if you said, I need help now! I am going to die! or like one wizard said to me when I first started, I told them I was in a battle and he said, Flee the battle and help me now!! Okay, you will most likely not get the help that you are needing if you ask for help that way, I think the best thing to do is ask for help in a nice way. Anyways, that is just another overview of what I had in a blog post on the third of July. 

Can't add anymore Wizards:

The bad thing about having a limit with friends is that you can't add everyone that you want to add. A few months ago I was handing out a lot of true friend codes and wanted to add as much people as I could. I can't add anymore friends though since I passed the limit to add anymore friends. I just wanted to tell you guys that if you did ask to add me. Sorry I can't anymore though. I hope they do another friend upgrade where you could add 200 people instead of 120. Hopefully they do that!

Another Contest Soon?
Yes I will be having another contest soon, I really don't know what the contest will be or what the prizes will be, Hopefully I do figure that out soon! I am thinking about giving out a few gift cards or something. Sorry I haven't had any contests recently, I really do love having them, My membership ran out last month and needed to renew that instead. I can't wait to have another contest though. It seems like a lot of fun to me and you all! Last time there was a lot of Wizards who did sign up for the last contest, I couldn't believe how much emails I had in my inbox! Anyways, I don't think I will do anything with email again because of how much responses I had, next time I am going to do something with commenting under the blog post of the contest. So we will see when that does happen and what the prizes will be sometime later!

One Last thing:
It think you all know I don't really like doing long blog posts, because they can get annoying to the readers and can get annoying to me typing a lot! I am thinking about asking Blaze if I could use his house to have a pvp party, I think it would be sometime this week, It depends if he will be here or not. It would be awesome to see how much people did show up though, since this would be the first pvp party I would host. I hope that would work out if I am not busy, or if anyone is not busy this week. Another party I am going to host at my Sultans palace is my Birthday party, which will be on July 28th. I hope I have time to host though, would be terrible not showing up at your own birthday party right? Well, I will see about that within the next 3 weeks!

Okay, you made it! To the end of the blog post, See you all later!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 3, 2011

Wizard101 Research- Asking For Help

Hello Everyone,

I have been doing a little research that I wanted to show you all, maybe someone has done this before, or maybe not. I just wanted to see what the results could be with a couple of different subjects I have been doing a research on. First off I went to the commons on my level 33 ice and asked 10 people for help to see how much wizards would say yes or no for helping me on a quest. Oh that is not all I did though, I have also went to the commons and asked 10 wizards for help on my legendary! I would like to see the difference between the two. I hope you guys like this blog post, I haven't really done anything like this and I would like to now. Enjoy!

Wizard101 Help: Magus Thaumaturge
Okay, I went to the commons in different realms and asked 10 people if they could help me on a quest in Marleybone. There wasn't really a quest, but the results of this was 7 people said no, and 3 people said yes. So really, 70% said no, and 30% said yes. Now, if you are starting the game new or on a new character make sure you don't ask for help there. Maybe through the game you will meet nice people that will help you in the game. Don't forget though, 7/10 people may say no, It could turn out different though, Maybe you should try that out sometimes to see how much people would say yes or no if you needed help. Also, good luck if you are questing a new character :)

Wizard101 Help: Legendary Thaumaturge
There was a big difference for those who said yes or no from the research above. I went on my Ice character and went to the commons again and asked 10 people if they could help me with a quest in Wintertusk. Now, I think Wizards know I wouldn't need help in Wintertusk or finishing wintertusk being an ice character. The results of this was 9 people saying no, and one person saying yes! 90% of 100 said no. Only 10% of 100 said yes. That is actually awesome, I never really did any research like this before! I am sure it could be different with different schools. Ice can survive a lot of damage that is why I am sure they said no for my Legendary Thaumaturge. I have to admit though, that was very cool seeing the difference between a magus and legendary getting help. I am glad Wizard101 does have nice people to help newer wizards that joined wizard101.

The Results:
Just like I said above, In research more Wizards would be willing to help a newer wizard other than an older wizard. I am very glad I did this so others could see that the Wizard101 community can be helpful. Some don't answer though when you ask for help. Remember though,  say please when you do ask for help, and ask nicely. When you just tell them: HELP NOW, or I AM GOING TO DIE, They might not help you because that was a rude way to put it. I think that when you ask nicely they would be willing to help you. Anyways, I made some photos of what you should do when asking for help. Also, this is the ending of the blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading! I am sure most might get bored but this is something that I wanted to do for a while. I also hope you enjoyed the results of asking for help in Wizard101.

                                                   Nice way of asking for help:

Rude way of Asking for help:

Blaze and I did make this up, but I just wanted to show examples of asking for help in a nice way, Remember, you will most likely get a no if you just yell help or something. Well like I said, this is the end of the blog post I hope you enjoyed my different research. See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

My Forest Lord Pet

Hello Wizards!

I am going to make a blog post today since I will not be on at all tomorrow, well for Blaze Shadowhorn's Fourth of July party but other than that, I will be spending time with family shooting off fireworks and I will be at a bbq. I hope you guys have a great time tomorrow too! Anyways, lets talk about wizard101. Well I finally got my forest lord pet! I only have to wait a couple more hours until it hatches. I didn't think I would ever get that pet, my next goal is to get my phoenix pet or humongofrog pet. Anyways, I took some pictures of when I got it and some photos of questing through Wintertusk! Here they are.

I admit it didn't take that long, but I did use about 50 forest lord cards throughout Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. At least I reached my goal of getting my forest lord pet though!

See you all Monday or Tuesday!
Well, I hope to see you all these days because of me being busy, Oh and I wanted to say, if you have read on Twitter or Facebook, I do have little giveaways on my friends list on Wizard101. So look out for that. I am still wondering if I should have another contest soon, Hmm I will figure that out later. Anyways, See you all later or tomorrow or Tuesday and have a great Fourth of July tomorrow! Bye everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

July 2, 2011

Fourth Of July Video- Quick Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

Okay I lied, I said I wouldn't be making a blog post until July 5th. Today I just wanted to show you all an awesome Firework Video, this has nothing to do with Wizard101, although I hope you guys like my new background and all, It took a while to choose a background, so I decided to make my other background red and blue. I really do like it and I hope you guys do too. I change my background a lot because I don't want it being boring, so I hope you all don't mind. Anyways, on to the Firework video, here they are!

I love the fireworks at the end, the Firework finale, remember nothing to do with Wizard101. 

Also, Uncle Sam Approved this video! I do not own this Youtube video.
You heard him, I approved this video!

Okay everyone, I hope you all have a Great Fourth of July, stay safe, and see you all later :)

~ Edward Lifegem