July 7, 2011

Contest Details- 10 dollar W101 gift card

Hello Wizards,

Yes, as the blog title says, I am going to be having a new contest! Its not going to be that big of a contest like the last one, but I will be giving away a 10 dollar Wizard101 gift card and I have some treasure cards I will be giving out as a second prize. First off, Don't forget you have to be following my blog in order to win. Now, as you can tell, I am very close to 100 followers, when I get 100 followers, I will be doing the contest, and that could be today, I will make another blog post, or you can comment below here when it starts. Here are some details:

  1. You have to be following my blog in order to enter the contest and try to win the contest.
  2. There has to be 100 followers before I start the contest, which there are only 3 away, so we will see if it could be today or tomorrow.
  3. The way to win is just to be following and the question for the contest will be announced below, remember, exactly at 100 followers you can start commenting below this blog post telling me your answers to the question I am going to ask.

Question: If there could be one thing you could change in Wizard101 what would it be and why? 

This is the question, when this blog reaches 100 followers, I will start the contest. If you would like to comment now you can, I won't post them though until I reach that goal. Also, thanks for getting me to this point in followers :)

I will be doing another blog post later, this post is only about the contest I will be doing, Good luck everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Contest will be ending on Saturday, make sure to comment below to tell me the answer to my question, thank for your time :)


Jack is AWESOME said...

I would change the fact that crowns players can't report. I mean, if you want it to be more
kid-friendly then let more people report. Thanks :D!
~Vanessa EmeraldGlade

Malorn Ghostrider said...

Hmmm..... One thing to change. Well, this isn't exactly something KI could change, but if I could, I would get rid of all of those people who try to cheat others out of their stuff. for example, those people in the commons and shopping district who claim that if you give them treasure cards, they'll gift you gold, mounts, or etc. I've never fallen for this trick, but I've seen tons of other people fall for it, and lose their money.

Mark Stormhunter said...

1 thing huh? Well I think I would change reporting, so if someone is reported and continues whatever they're doing, they should automatically be muted/banned/suspended etc.


Danny Soderberg said...

I would change something in the massive fantasy palace. I would make the drawbridge actually work...
The house owner would have a tab just above the add item tab that they would click and it wold either suspend or drop the drawbridge :)

Elijah Light Thief said...

The one thing i would change in wizard 101 would be the filters vecause on the filters they dont detect you saying a swear word or giving out personal infeomation.

Saelriane said...

Only one thing, huh? Um... I'd actually "import" something from a different game. It was mentioned on ravenwood radio last night, but I thought it was such a good idea. Reputations! You'd do special, more difficult quests to get reputation points, and every "level" you get up to will give you a % off the gold cost of items in that world. If you do timed quests where you have to jump world to world, you get discounts on special crowns items during the holidays. Only members would be able to do this. Non members can also do them, but only in Wizard City. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of comments. Anyways, one thing i would change in Wizard101 is the speech. I would make it so that there is no free speech, and have a dictionary so all people could talk freely, but if the word is not in the dictionary it would be dotted out. So there would be no menu chat, or 18 and older chat that lets them say whatever they want, only the dictionary chat. And if there already is one of those... i would upgrade it, so nobody can say bad words by combining dictionary words.

MelissaRainstrider said...

One thing i would change about Wizard101 is, make a limit of people in the commons, when it gets to crowded, it is more likely to have drama, and more people would think it is okay, then it will be there everyday.

Colin Mythcaster said...

If I could change one thing about Wizard101 it would be nothing! That's right, NOTHING. I know there is problems in the spiral like Tempest spamming and others ,but if Wizard101 didn't have its far share of problems the game would not be what we all fell in love with and cherished so much. I mean look at the community. The Friendly Necromancer and all of the bloggers put hours out of their day to bring us the latest news from the spiral and there in game adventures. Ravenwood Radio the podcast that everyone loves to listen to puts a lot of work into the production, editing, and overall quality of the show. Petnome is a site that shows we can work as a team to find out each talent of each pet in the spiral. The list goes on forever! I love wizard101 and the community we all have contributed to. Without you the spiral would never be the same. That is why I would never change a thing! 

Abhiram Reddy said...

Tough question. I would probably change the menu chat system its very hard to communicate through it ,presently. I would add many phrases such as "Don't use that spell and "I like your mount".

tatiana shadowflame said...

one thing i would change, would be to allow you to help your friends with their gardens. how many times have you visited a friends house while gardening. they run out of energy, and have tons of needs left. there you sit with a full globe. or how many times have you wished, while away, you had a house sitter to watch over the garden for you? nothing worse then coming home and finding dead plants. maybe in the friends list, you can designate people you chose to help. when you chose them, a little flower pot or something appears next to your name on their list.

The Prince of Myth said...

Hmm, nice question Ed. I have been thinking about this for a while and I have several answers, but I'll just do my best one.

Something I REALLY have been hoping for is a new friends list system. You could search for certain wizards instead of just having to randomly find them in game. There would be different criteria you could put in, such as the wizards level, what school they are, their rank in pvp, really its limitless what Kingsisle could do with something like that. So after you search all the information you inputed you would see a list of the characters with a picture of them. Again this is just an idea, but I think many wizards would find this useful(for example, if you accidently deleted someone you could send them a friend request again). Also with the system it would be great if you could actually request people when they are offline as well. In my view the friends system is something that really could use some improvement.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Prince of Myth

Patrick Hawktamer said...

If I could change 1 thing in Wizard101, is scams not being reportable. I would really like to change them to make them reportable because it is just annoying. One time, a guy stole 140 treasure cards from me! He was my own friend too! I don't understand why Kingsisle isn't making it reportable. If that did changed, you would see a lot loss scammers in the spiral. You would also see a lot less crying kids in the spiral.

Edward Winterflame said...

Well very nice question Ed :D With so many good answers :P
Well there are a lot of things I would like to change about this game, for instance, do you notice how most of the game is based on LUCK?
Getting criticals? farming for gear? blocking criticals? hatching for a pet? getting certain pet talents? all these features are normally mainly based on luck, sure it makes the game surprising but also annoying, Imagine, we all hatch don't we? we look for a specific talent, and if we are LUCKY we get it, I am sure its disappointing if we don't get that talent we want, or that pet we want, or blocking that critical, sure your gear affects your criticals and blocking but it's also affected by luck, we all have noticed.
But the main issue is what is happening now, I would really want to change how this chat system has worked, I remember a few years back when we could say anything even for players without open chat, but as time grew by, persons started abusing the game, abusing the freedom, taking away Kingisle's trust away from us, forcing them to ban a lot of words. Now a days we can hardly say anything, no wonder everyone wants open chat so badly, its the only way to say what you want! I would want persons who don't abuse the chat's power as in using bad language etc, to be able to say anything while other persons who do abuse the power pay a price, not muted, that goes away and they will come again, something else, drastic, like maybe taking a loved per of he/she, teaching them a lesson, not to offend other wizards as this is indeed a family fun game :).

JShadowWraith said...

I would change the "Reporting System." Too many peolple abuse the use of reporting, and it ends up muting (or possibly banning) innocent people.
I would have a chat moderator in every area (if possible) to watch over the chats and attitude of players. Misconduct was the reason reporting was created, and people are abusing it! I'm sorry for all those who have been reported and banned because of this.

Anonymous said...

I would stop chat in the arena. Only your teammates will be able to talk to you.
This should put an end to all the drama going on.

Justin said...

One thing I'd change in wizard101 is the housing system. We should be able to construct our own houses from scratch. The reason why, is because some of the houses, just aren't big enough or just don't look right. Also, I'd have a better system for making gold, other than farming. Maybe have "a job" on wizard101 so we could make gold for working as an engineer at the science center for a day.

Unknown said...

What I would change is that you should be able to set your birthdate. I started my account when I was 12, since then I have gotten older and yet cannot get Text Chat since before 13 you cannot set your birthday. I'm sure that I am not alone in this...so if they changed it, it would be very nice.

The Prince of Myth said...

Also Ed, i wont be around for the next week so to contact me(if I win) my email is theprinceofallconjurers@yahoo.com, I won't be able to respond until next Sunday.


~~~~~~~~~The Prince of Myth

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm new here but I've been reading and one thing i would change is the cost of different areas. Cause i got a prepaid card and in two to three days i used them all up and i only got to purchase 3 areas. And i was hoping to get some new battle gear with those crowns