July 10, 2011

Contest Ends- Winner Announced, WCP

Hello Wizards,

I would like to announce the winner of the contest! First I would like to thank everyone who signed up for it though. I am sorry I would give you all 10 dollar w101 gift cards but I only have one for this contest. Anyways, the winner of the contest is....

Colin MythCaster!- He made a very awesome comment, here is what he said:
If I could change one thing about Wizard101 it would be Nothing! That's right, NOTHING. I know there is problems in the Spiral like Tempest Spamming and others, but if Wizard101 didn't have its far share of problems the game would not be what we all fell in love with and cherished so much. I mean look at the community. The Friendly necromancer and all of the bloggers put hours out of their day to bring us the latest news from the Spiral and their in game adventures. Ravenwood Radio the podcast that everyone loves to listen to puts a lot of work into the production, editing, and overall quality of the show. Petnome is a site that shows we can work as a team to find out each talent of each pet in the Spiral. The list goes on forever! I love Wizard101 and the community we all have contributed to. Without you the spiral would never be the same. That is why I would never change a thing! 

Thanks Colin, This is something that I agree with, there are a lot of things that need to be changed in the spiral but I think everyone knows nothing can be perfect. That's what makes the Wizard101 unique. Also, Colin, I need a way to contact you to send you the code. Congratulations :) One more thing everyone, I love all of your ideas, and the ones about the chat, yeah that is something that might need to be changed. My favorite thing about the Wizard101 is the community too! When I joined I didn't think I would find so much nice people, or wizards out there! :)

Other than the contest, I would like to thank you all for your very nice comments and tweets. It really means a lot that you guys do care about this group, even though some may not, It still means a lot. I am glad you guys are a very helpful community and you guys are awesome! I am going to keep doing this group because its not a bully group, its a helpful group just like you guys are. Just like I said yesterday the reason I chose the Wizard City protectors is because we help, I wish there was a badge called the Wizard city Helpers. Anyways, I hope you guys agree with this group too. Its not a clan, its more of a friendly group. Now, I would like to talk more about the situation that went on the other day. I hope you guys don't get too bored with all of the writing though! Someone put on the Wizard101 Facebook page that we were very mean and that we were bullies. Wizard101 commented below and said that they knew about the antics of this group and are going to sanction it accordingly. I was very mad about that, I mean we are helping the game, if we were bullies, I would even say go ahead and report. As you can tell with the blog posts I do, I would never let any of my friends just bully someone else, and I wouldn't let myself bully anyone at all. If Kingsisle does read this blog, I would just like to tell you that this group is helpful, it would never ruin the game. Okay, I am sure some are getting tired of me talking about the Wizard City Protectors so much in the past few posts- shh, I kinda am getting tired of talking so much about it- but its a good group, and again, I would like to thank you all for helping support the group and also, Thanks for helping me and the other members, Remember anyone can join. :)

Well you made it once again to the end of the blog post, I hope to see you all Around the Spiral :)

~ Edward Lifegem


Colin Mythcaster said...

Email the code to my email please, ColinMythcaster@gmail.com
Thank you for holding the contest!
Hope to see you in the Spiral :)

Edward Lifegem said...

I sent it, Just respond back here when you get it, or reply in email, Congratulations :)

Colin Mythcaster said...

Got it! Used it towards getting my sister some Pixie Wings :0

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Awwww that's nice Colin :)