July 2, 2011

Fourth Of July Video- Quick Blog Post

Hello Everyone,

Okay I lied, I said I wouldn't be making a blog post until July 5th. Today I just wanted to show you all an awesome Firework Video, this has nothing to do with Wizard101, although I hope you guys like my new background and all, It took a while to choose a background, so I decided to make my other background red and blue. I really do like it and I hope you guys do too. I change my background a lot because I don't want it being boring, so I hope you all don't mind. Anyways, on to the Firework video, here they are!

I love the fireworks at the end, the Firework finale, remember nothing to do with Wizard101. 

Also, Uncle Sam Approved this video! I do not own this Youtube video.
You heard him, I approved this video!

Okay everyone, I hope you all have a Great Fourth of July, stay safe, and see you all later :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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