July 31, 2011

Groups VS. Clans

Hello Wizards,

Now I have made way too many posts about clans and groups, it may be giving some a headache. It is giving me a headache. Anyways, Today I would like to talk about the wcp, wac and a very bad clan that I have noticed the past few months. As you have read in many posts below, I have been talking about the Wizard city Protectors a lot. In the last month or so, I have been getting negative comments about the group. Now, in this post, I would like to tell what Kingsisle did say about not approving groups in game.

They said action may be taken against our group- which is trying to help their game stay family friendly- The thing is, I don't really want to quit the group. This is the reason why:

This clan has been very bad in the commons, so one day I decided to look up this clan, and found out that they do bad things in the game, and a lot of other things that I am not saying because I want my blog to be family friendly. Anyways, the point I am trying to prove is, getting mad at the wcp or wac, for trying to help the game is not right. Another thing is that this "clan" is not helping the game and they somehow are getting a lot of support, and not much are mad at them, but they are mad at wac and wcp for helping? This is something that I mentioned on Facebook earlier. Kingsisle doesn't approve groups, and I am okay with that, I guess. The thing is, this clan has been getting away with a lot, but kingsisle did not do anything about it. I am not trying to be rude to kingsisle, but I hope they do read this blog post. I promise for sure, this will be the last time I will talk about clans or groups on the blog.

To end the blog post, I will be joining wcp again. Its just like wac, so don't get mad at me or any others for joining the group. If you should be mad at a clan it should be the one I am talking about, and I am sure most do know which clan I am talking about.

See you around the spiral, and So sorry again for typing about this, It will be the last time of me typing about clans and groups.

~ Edward Lifegem

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Kevin BattleBlood said...

It's a bold step to take to write about this, Edward, but all opinions should be expressed. In paraphrased words of Miley Cyrus, if we don't stand up for something we believe in, we will always be swayed to fall.

I think the issue (against WCP and WAC) is that many mistake their rights granted by the First Amendment, the widely latched-on "freedom of speech." What some may have against groups that proactively report for legitimate reasons is that they feel silenced when groups like WAC or WCP take action. So, they in effect act out (and speak out, apparently) against these groups, believing that their words (and behavior) are protected. The truth is, the First Amendment was written to protect the people from the policies of the British government, which, at the time, would censor anyone who opposed the system. So, the people who oppose WCP or WAC are wrong in THAT defense...

But, at the same time, WAC's original creators have long abandoned the public notification system. Ever since KI sent a letter out to us about WAC, we realized that such a group -- while it had good intentions -- was also a violation of rights. "Hall Monitors" would quench the energy and excitement that is Wizard101 -- no longer would it feel like free terrain for someone to roam about with the consciousness that they are not being watched. That is why, I believe, KI chooses not to wear their badges -- they don't want people acting a different way around a recognized person or group. With "freedom," you're bound to act or think outside of the box, and perhaps contribute something greater in the long run. Thus, in order to quench the drama or "fear" of such groups, they have to slap even our hands.

So, my advice would be to let the malicious "clan" continue being themselves...eventually they will all dig their own holes. Some day they'll need help from KingsIsle, and that's when their records will be discovered.

Groups are great to have -- there's cohesion, trust, and understanding. Just remember: actions will speak for you guys; Report and Ignore, then port away. No one has to know who's doing what, and maybe (just MAYBE) those people will stop when they realize "family-friendly environment" is a serious policy.