July 6, 2011

Kingsisle Free game Codes

Hello Wizards,

Doing some a little different today. I went to kifreegames.com to get some codes just to give out on here, first ones to get them will get to keep them! This isn't considered a contest, its just something to give out until my next contest. Save some of the codes for others and don't take them all, it would be terrible if one person took all of the codes and some others didn't get any codes right? Thanks guys, The codes will be posted throughout the blog post, good luck finding them!
If you would like to go to their site to try on your own to see what your high score could be go to this site:

Facebook and Wizard101:
Okay, I have seen a few friends from my Facebook list not acting nice to others on the game, or ruining the game itself using bad language, ect. I am sure you will be reading this right now those who did that yesterday, I did see, I won't talk about it on here though. Anyways, please remember, its a family friendly game, and for Facebook, there are younger ones who made a Facebook, they didn't make it to see the bad language in your status. Remember, think before you say, It others won't agree with the bad language, don't even put it at all. Its just an annoying status for everyone to read, I for one agree that you shouldn't be putting bad things on Facebook, I mean if you do, it will just get you a remove from your list, no one wants to see it at all. Thanks for reading for those who are doing this, it really matters that you do stop doing this, Thanks.

The Magic of Wizard101:

Hey everyone, I decided to do another experiment to see how much times a spell would fizzle within 10 rounds. 10 rounds= 100%
I tested ice spells this round. I went to Colossus boulevard to see how much times Colossus would fizzle within 10 rounds, that's right I used Colossus 10 times to see how much times it would fizzle. Here is there experiment:

First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Rounds, I didn't fizzle at all, I thought I wouldn't fizzle all 10 rounds until I made it to the 6th round, and I fizzled through the 10th round, so that means 40% of the time I fizzled. The other 60% I didn't fizzle at all. I wish It would have been at least 100% of not fizzling, 89 accuracy means I have 11% chance of fizzling. I wonder why I fizzled the 40% through 10 rounds? Oh well, I might try centaur for the life school tomorrow and see if he will fizzle since I have a 94% accuracy on my life character. I know some don't like math during the Summer, but I really wanted to show you guys that. You never know when the ice school could fizzle do you?

Well, Congratulations, you have now made it to the end of the blog post! There should be 2 winners for the Kingsisle Free Game codes, not just one. Be nice and let another person get the code! Thanks, and see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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