July 14, 2011

The Manders Hiding

Hello Wizards,

I am sorry for the late post, I got very busy this morning and couldn't post what I wanted to post. First of all, I would like to tell you guys thanks again for supporting Wcp- Wizard City Protectors. Another thing is that there have been a lot of complaints from this realm even before Wac, or Wcp was even thought of. I think that the worst part of this realm is the people acting immature, and causing a lot of destruction to the family friendly part of this game. I think those there should know that Kingsisle did add the report option for a reason, and I know if Kingsisle wanted the game family friendly, We should keep it family friendly. So instead of me writing about it, remember to tell those to keep the game nice instead of ruining it. Now other than the Wizard City Protectors message, I would like to tell you what I will be blogging about today! Today, I am going to show those who have been wondering where the manders are in Celestia. I know some might know, but remember, there are always those wondering how to get around the game or, those who are new to the world of Celestia.

Mander Locations In Celestia: Pictures of the locations of the Manders

Celestia Base Camp

Survey Camp

The Grotto

The district of the Stars

The Stellarium 

The Portico


Stormriven Hall

Science Center

Crustacean Empire

Well there it is guys, This blog post including finding all of these took like 2-3 hours. Oh well glad I had help! Found all of these Manders. Hope this will be helpful for those, if they are still having a hard time finding them.  I didn't know where they were at all until today, so this should help if you couldn't find them anywhere in Celestia, or just had trouble finding them. Good luck :)

---End of Blog Post---

Well, See you all Around the Spiral, and I hope that you liked the blog post today! 

~ Edward Lifegem

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