July 17, 2011

Missing Wizard101 During my Birthday?

Hi again,

Well, I won't be able to blog again for a while. Starting tomorrow until the 29th of July, I might not be able to blog at all, due to some family birthdays, including mine. I was going to tell you guys this in the post below, but forgot to. I will be on Wizard101 sometime during the next 11 days, but not much. My birthday is on July 28th which is 11 days from now. So I hope to see you guys a little today. I am still planning on having the birthday party though. I have been decorating my Sultans Palace. I think you guys did see in one post there was a classroom. Well that was part of my Sultans Palace! For those who haven't here is another picture of that.

I hope to see you all a little on my birthday too. I will be on early in the morning just to say hi to you all, and one thing, Don't gift me anything! I won't mind the happy birthdays though, because birthdays are awesome. Oh and while talking about birthdays, don't forget to wish Cassandra Dragonheart a happy birthday! Today is her birthday! Happy birthday again from my blog! I wished her a happy birthday on twitter, and Facebook. I can't believe how many wizards have birthdays in July! Okay well, I better end this blog post, and I will miss you all! Hopefully I can still have that party and here is some information about that below.


Birthday Party:

Where?- My Sultans Palace!

When?- July 28th- 6:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Central time.

What if you can't have it being busy?- Well hopefully that doesn't happen, I hope I can make it to my own birthday party!

Don't use bad language at all, or you will be kicked out of the party.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Most importantly have fun!


I hope to see you all sometimes this week. Have fun in Wizard101 and see you all later! I will be on Wizard101 today for a bit. After today will be busy and I think today is going to be busy. Hopefully not though. Well see you all later! I will try to post if I can!

Yum Birthday Cake!!!! I mean, Bye!

~ Edward Lifegem

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