July 13, 2011

More School Mount Information

Hello Wizards,

I decided to make another blog post talking about school mounts. Kingsisle should really look at this idea, since we have school pets it would be very cool if they could make school mounts one day. I think that it would be a great idea along with some others who have mentioned spells being mounts, or just different mounts. School mounts would be just like school pets. I think that a lot of ideas of school mounts have spread around the Spiral. If there were school mounts, just like I mentioned in a earlier blog post, here are some ideas.

Myth: Mythbat, or maybe, humongofrog, for those who don't like things getting sick everywhere, this may not be the mount for you.

Ice: Pegasus- The horse with wings. Or maybe a Frost beetle mount.

Storm: Someone mentioned to me in the commons, a leviathan mount would be a nice mount for storm wizards, or maybe a lightning bolt!

Fire: Fire dragon or phoenix would be a great mount for the fire students. Can you imagine having a fire dragon mount? Or phoenix mount in your fire house?

Death: Skeletal dragon- Skeletal dragon is different from the bone dragon.

Balance: This one would be scorpion or maybe the sun- nova- would be nice.

Life: Now this one was hard to think of. I think something to do with regeneration would be awesome for the life school.

These are just a couple of ideas of what would be nice to add in the game. They may not add them being too much work to add something like that to the game. It would be very cool if they did add them though. If they were to add them, it may be costing crowns since they would be better than any mount in the game, don't you think? I hope one day they will add one of these mounts or maybe future spell mounts! I am sure one day they will add a mount that really does fly in the sky. When they added dragons and brooms, I thought they would fly in the air. Since they added swimming mounts, you never know if they will add flying mounts. Well we will see if they do one day.

See you all Around the Spiral,

~ Edward Lifegem

Also, I would like to give FinandQuinn Credit with this idea, because I read this on their blog post one day, and I forgot about reading the post, and I thought of snow angel being a mount one day, and that's why I thought of School Mounts. Sorry if it did seem if I was copying their ideas. Here is a link to their blog post :)


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

When are ya posting about my Fairgrounds!!! Nah lol. take your time Ed. Amazing post btw.

Fin and Quinn said...

Err..if you aren't aware, you are copying my idea. If you are aware...can I have some credit? Anyways, great post, and here is the link to my post thingy:


Nice job expanding the ideas a lot though, and I hope KI considers this...especially 'cause they read your blog *eye rays of jealousy*.


Edward Lifegem said...

Sorry if it seemed I was copying. I wasn't telling when it would come out, I was only telling what kind of mounts I would like for the schools. I will give you credit though, I forgot I did read your blog post, but it didn't really come to me as-copying- sorry about that.

The Strong Sorcerer said...

I had this idea a long time ago before i even joined Blogger! My ideas were:
Myth: Medusa tail
Ice:Pegasus (from snow angel)
Life:Centaur legs
Death: Crow, Gargoyle, or Skeletal Dragon
fire: They used my dragon wings idea :D but now i'm thinking phoenix
storm: Leviathan or storm lord cloud
Balance: Hydra