July 5, 2011

A post about Random Things.

Hello Wizards,

I had a great Fourth of July weekend. Even though I did do posts on here when I said I would be gone. Oh well, I love doing blog posts now, so I am sure during holidays I will be doing posts. Anyways, I had a great time at our Park to watch the fireworks. Anyways, as you can tell I did change my background and header so it wouldn't be red and blue anymore. Since fourth of July is gone, I will keep the background and header as it is right now, I think.

Youtube Videos:
I made some new Youtube videos! I am sure most have noticed from Twitter or Youtube that I have put some links down showing you the videos. Anyways, I have made a Youtube video of a strong leprechaun hit, and a strong kraken hit. I think you guys do remember the photo of the Kraken, Well I made another hit today, with video though! Here are the videos of the leprechaun and Kraken!

Since It won't let me upload the Leprechaun Video for some reason, here is the link to that:

Help, I might die in a Battle:
I did a post over this the other day, I just wanted to skim over that a little to tell you what I was talking about for those who didn't read it. I went to the commons and went on my Magus Ice character and asked for help from 10 people in the commons, 7 said no and 3 said yes, and then I went on my legendary ice character and did the same thing and 9 people said no and one person said yes. You never know if it will be different, but with me, It seemed that the community would rather help a newer player, which is a very good thing. Now it can change if you ask in a rude or nice way. For example if you said, I need help now! I am going to die! or like one wizard said to me when I first started, I told them I was in a battle and he said, Flee the battle and help me now!! Okay, you will most likely not get the help that you are needing if you ask for help that way, I think the best thing to do is ask for help in a nice way. Anyways, that is just another overview of what I had in a blog post on the third of July. 

Can't add anymore Wizards:

The bad thing about having a limit with friends is that you can't add everyone that you want to add. A few months ago I was handing out a lot of true friend codes and wanted to add as much people as I could. I can't add anymore friends though since I passed the limit to add anymore friends. I just wanted to tell you guys that if you did ask to add me. Sorry I can't anymore though. I hope they do another friend upgrade where you could add 200 people instead of 120. Hopefully they do that!

Another Contest Soon?
Yes I will be having another contest soon, I really don't know what the contest will be or what the prizes will be, Hopefully I do figure that out soon! I am thinking about giving out a few gift cards or something. Sorry I haven't had any contests recently, I really do love having them, My membership ran out last month and needed to renew that instead. I can't wait to have another contest though. It seems like a lot of fun to me and you all! Last time there was a lot of Wizards who did sign up for the last contest, I couldn't believe how much emails I had in my inbox! Anyways, I don't think I will do anything with email again because of how much responses I had, next time I am going to do something with commenting under the blog post of the contest. So we will see when that does happen and what the prizes will be sometime later!

One Last thing:
It think you all know I don't really like doing long blog posts, because they can get annoying to the readers and can get annoying to me typing a lot! I am thinking about asking Blaze if I could use his house to have a pvp party, I think it would be sometime this week, It depends if he will be here or not. It would be awesome to see how much people did show up though, since this would be the first pvp party I would host. I hope that would work out if I am not busy, or if anyone is not busy this week. Another party I am going to host at my Sultans palace is my Birthday party, which will be on July 28th. I hope I have time to host though, would be terrible not showing up at your own birthday party right? Well, I will see about that within the next 3 weeks!

Okay, you made it! To the end of the blog post, See you all later!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Yea Ed. I can let you use my house. I prob wont be on for a long time though. Really busy with family and cousins and trips.