July 19, 2011

A post to those who don't like Wizard City Protectors

Hello Wizards,

I wasn't planning on doing a blog post today, but a note needs to go out to those being very rude to Wizard City Protectors, and those just not liking the group. First off, I would like to address that is a group and not a clan. Another thing is that getting very rude comments about the group is very mean. The reason I say the game is family friendly along with others in the group is because that is what the game is supposed to be. Some may say they don't care or younger players don't have open chat. The truth is younger wizards do have open chat and they should care. Not one report went out since I started the group. Another thing that is very disappointing is those who want the game to be family friendly, but hate our group. Now if we simply just quit the group, in a couple of years everyone in the game would be using bad language, or cyber bullying others. If we keep the group going- which we are- maybe those will learn that you can't say things like that or bully others on the game. This is what I have been explaining in a lot of blog posts before. One thing I disagree to is that people are acting rude to the wizard city protector group. Like I have said, the game is supposed to be family friendly, why can't we all keep it that way? Someone in the commons said we have no authority, we have no badge that will keep them quiet. Well we do have something, we make a good point. That's something that needs to be said even if you don't like the group or not. I know we can't change the entire game, but why can't we try to change some of it? I don't like it that those are being rude to this group at all. Its just like being rude to anybody else. If you don't like the group, don't talk to us, because some may get feelings hurt, and that is something that I don't want to happen. If you do like the group, support everyone on our Wizard City Protectors blog: http://wizardcityprotectors.blogspot.com/ or wizard city protectors Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wizard-City-Protectors/116478058446932

Once again, I am very sorry I posted about the Wcp, it may be getting boring to those, its something that I really wanted to say. I am not going to let people in the game bully us because they don't want the game being family friendly. I do hope that kingsisle does read this post because its very important that they do. I know it may sound boring, but its very important that this does stop. A note for the wizard city protectors- just like kingsisle said just ignore them if they are bullying you in the game- I hope you guys do understand this blog post and why I did type it. I hope that you guys do, thanks for reading this post. It really does mean a lot, and also, sorry for writing almost all of my thoughts out! See you in the spiral!

Okay I know some are mad about the report rule? as some call it. Now this is not even a rule, also WE barely report, and those getting mad because of that. Well not trying to be rude, but that may be something that you are saying for this group- not clan- to quit.  Earlier today I did this post to tell you guys that we weren't trying to be the big bad trolls of the spiral. - that was kinda funny- but to the point, we don't report, we tell everyone to remember the game is family friendly, we don't have the report rule anymore, and we want you guys to support us, not knock us off the volcano in Dragonspyre. Now for those who hate our group for helping, that's just sad. Its kinda like telling everyone to stop running in wizard101. Lol I don't think that's possible though, because wizards on the game are always running.

  • The group doesn't have a report rule anymore- we will only be telling those the game is family friendly, and everyone can report those who are misbehaving in the commons.
  • We aren't the reporters of the wizard world, so If someone is using bad language report them for it, or remind them the game is family friendly.
  • We will keep doing this group, No matter what anyone else says, because if you run through the commons maybe for one minute, most will noticed the game is not family friendly there. So we are only helping that. 
I hope you guys do understand, and very sorry for this sincere post.

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

You should change the title of this post to The Post of Awesomeness. Seriously, great post! :)

robert said...

good idea some of the people dont care about children playing the game unlike some people who care about feelings of other people and keeping the game family friendly and safe for kids to play :D

Anonymous said...

One big reason why is because wizards think you guys do the reporting.

~Keep It Dead
Justin Shadowblade

Edward Lifegem said...

If there was a us reporting rule only I would have said it on here silly. We only help. Some have been having a situation with that. Btw, We never usually report, All we do is remind them the game is family friendly. So for those who do think its reporting, please remember we don't report much.