July 17, 2011

Redeeming Gifts

Hello Wizards,

Blue Raptor Sword
Today I would like to talk about the Kingsisle Free Game website. I think most have played the games there and redeemed some nice things. Well I decided to play for about 10 minutes yesterday and I redeemed some nice things that I didn't think I would get. Right next to this is some photos of what I got to redeem!

One other thing I have been trying to redeem  is at least 2  pages of mount rentals! I have a lot of star light pony rentals to redeem. Glad I have some mounts for other characters though! I won't run out of mounts until at least the end of August!

Mounts I am trying to Redeem

I think think Kingsisle Free games did put a lot of mounts for the codes. I have at least 5 starlight pony mounts to redeem! I might just switch some of the mounts to different characters so they will have a mount. For the blue raptor sword, I am keeping one for my life character, and one for my myth character. I am glad I finally got another one of those because I didn't think I would get another one since I don't buy the Beckett magazines anymore. I can't wait to keep trying to see what other things I can get from the Kingsisle Free games. I have to say the best thing about kingsisle free games would be the pets or mounts. Some may not have mounts and maybe want to try to win one from there. It really does save crowns for wizards! I think they should have little crown surprises in there. Maybe 100 crowns or 200 crowns. Not that much because everyone would be going there to win crowns instead of buying them. Well that's it for this post, see you all tomorrow, or see you all in the game today!

~ Edward Lifegem

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