July 11, 2011

School Mounts and News Around the Spiral

Hey Wizards,

These past few days I have been on Wizard101 a lot, its been crazy. The other day I was on 8 hours during the day. Last time I was on that long was the beginning on the year. The weird thing about that is, I wasn't really doing anything and was very bored. I hope that they do release something on test realm again, when Wintertusk was released I kept blogging about pets, and what talents they gave. I really did like the Judgement talents. They were awesome, I like that it gave may cast, and gargantuan. So other than the Wintertusk being released months ago, Lets talk about some news around the Spiral.

The Fairy Wings and the Patriotic Leprechaun:
First off, I think most do know about the Fairy Wings. They... Yeah that's all I am saying about that. Well and that they cost 7500 crowns for a permanent, and 2500 for a 7 day rental. They come in orange, blue and purple for any who didn't know about them. So other than that, I have some other things I am going to talk about, with new mount ideas after this. Look for that. Another thing is that the Patriotic leprechaun will be leaving the spiral in a little more than 4 hours. If you haven't had a chance to get your Patriotic Leprechaun look in the crowns shop, they cost 2500 crowns. See ya next year when you are released again Patriotic Leprechaun!

School Mounts:
I think you guys have seen on Facebook or Twitter that I have been talking about school mounts. If you haven't I have been talking about that a lot lately. I have been really thinking about a new pegasus mount for the ice school. Here are some ideas from friends and from me about school mounts.

Balance: Scorpion, the bug you first get when you create a balance, or hydra maybe?

Storm: Leviathan, Storm shark- I don't know about that since they have a shark mount already.

Myth: The blood bat, that's the only one I could think of for myth.

Death: Skeletal Dragon- Bone dragon is different from skeletal dragon.

Fire: Fire Dragon, Phoenix, Firecat. 

Life: Centaur would be the only mount that life could have.

Ice: Pegasus!

Ice only gets the Picture since they are my favorite school. Wouldn't it be awesome to have school mounts though? I think it would. We have a lot of school pets, all we need is school mounts and I think this would be a great idea. Hopefully one they will add school mounts, and ice could be the best school in wizard101! I mean all of our schools could be awesome :) Anyways, tell me what you think below about school mounts. As you can tell, I think it would be an awesome idea to have them!

Favorite Vs. Worst Spell in the game: Random
Do you remember me talking about my favorite and least favorite things in other blog posts? Well I would like to talk about my favorite spell and my least favorite spell in the game. Out of all schools my favorite and least favorite spells are in one school! My least favorite spell in the game is Ice beetle. I don't really know why this is my least favorite but, it just got boring after 2 years, that may be why. My favorite spell in the game is in fact snow angel, I am not going to say this is my favorite spell forever because I am sure they will add awesome new spells in the next world update. Since this was just a random post I thought of, What is your favorite and least favorite spell in the game? Also comment below with wouldn't be awesome with school mounts.

Woot, You made it to the end of the blog post for the 100th time, I mean, See ya around the Spiral, or in the classroom in my Sultans Palace! Okay maybe not in the Classroom, Just wanted to show you part of the Area I have been decorating for the party on July 28th.

~ Edward Lifegem


Malorn Ghostrider said...

Myth could be humungofrog as well. And yeah, I did notice that the done drake and skeletal dragon are very different. The head and horns especially.

Danny Soderberg said...

Yeahh! Go ice!

Saelriane said...

My favorite spell in all of history, to date, is Ra. But only when it's casted on someone else than my team xD. My least favorite is fire dispel ^^ Nuff said. For fire, I really like the idea of the fire cat. But our butts would burn? Don't ya think....


Unknown said...

Hey! Myth should get to ride on the shoulders of a Minotaur!
That would be awesome...GO MINOTAURS!

Edward Lifegem said...

@elite I don't think its possible since they are the fire school :)

@morgrim Yeah it could be possible :) Or a troll, you know in the movies they always do that lol.

@Hilarious Yep I agree! Ice is way too awesome and deserves an awesome mount :)

@malorn I don't think some would like it though, if he started throwing up everywhere like in the spell ROFL

Mark Trollglade said...

Myth could be Orthrus (2 person mount of course) Basilisk or medusa pet would be Very nice ;) For life, yeah i also think centuar is the best mount. For balance, besides hydra The chimera (3 ppl mount) would be and awesome mount!