July 27, 2011

Situations, Situations, Situations

Hello Everyone,

I really would like to say I am very sorry about the terrible blog posts lately. I would like to talk about something that has been going around the community though. I posted a letter on Facebook as a note not too long ago, maybe a couple of weeks ago. It says this exactly:

Thank you for contacting Kingsisle Support. We have launched a full investigation into your concern and found no issue with anything you were doing while in the commons. We recommend that you simply ignore these as Wizard101 Staff Wizards will NEVER take any action against you account unless you're doing something wrong. Don't let them get to you and please report them if they use inappropriate language  or bully you in game. We'll review those logs and take action if we need to. Please continue to enjoy the game and I'm sure that everything will work out. In fact keep up the WCP, it sounds like a great group. Tell your brother we enjoyed watching his youtube channel and reading his blog.

The Senior Wizards
Kingsisle Support

Yet after this letter I have posted a few weeks ago. Some have been telling me I have lied about this letter. It has been making me very upset that most do think that. If you are one who thinks that, I am sorry you do. I would never lie about a letter from kingsisle. I have forward this letter along with many others to you. I am not trying to be rude when I say this, but when I get online, I do not enjoy reading that people think I am lying about this. The truth is, I would never lie about that, or anything else. I don't think I will have an issue with this anymore because I have sent the letter out. I do wish the people who thought I was lying would at least say sorry though, in the past weeks I have been thinking about quitting wizards because of this. Its been very bad to get online to the game I enjoy along with many others of the Wcp, to see that I apparently have been lying about this. Now, if you ask me, it seems like I have been bullied not on wizards, but on the networking sites, like twitter, or Facebook. Also, I want to say, wcp is a good group, and many others agree to this. If you don't I am sorry. This was an unexpected blog post, and I wasn't going to do another blog post about wcp, but this is actually a blog post that needs to be read, not only by those who love wcp, but those who think I would lie about something like this. Like I have said many times before, I would never lie about a kingsisle letter. One bad thing is that I take my time out, to write about wcp, because I do not want to be called a liar. Also, I do not want anyone being rude to the group wcp because, all you are doing is basically bullying them. Kingsisle later sent a letter from Ian Emerald. They said that the person who did send that letter went out to far saying that the wcp sounded like a great group. To tell the truth, that was not our mistake, it was Kingsisles mistake. I am trying to help wizard101 like I have been doing since I first started the game in 2009. I admit, there are some who don't like the idea of the game being family friendly like its supposed to be, but the situation between wcp being a bad group and some made up group. I hope you guys do understand this blog post because I am not going to log on tomorrow seeing that I am a liar. I hope you guys do understand that. Also, I hope I do at least get a sorry, along with the members of wcp. Thanks for reading, also I am very sorry that some didn't want to read this.

~ Edward Lifegem

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Talon Thunderblade said...

Ed, we, the wcp members, are very, truly sorry you had to go through this much pain and confusion. I'm here to say, all wcp members, is: We got your back. Please don't quit wizard or blogging, but Blaze, Nicholas, Mark, I , and the wcp can't prevent that. Ed, only you can choose to leave. You decide. This could change the spiral, may be fixed in time. I don't know. Don't quit because of an insult. Think about it, your friends and wcp. At least bring a smile when you log on. Remember the day we met, I was so delighted when I added you, and Blaze ported saying Friendly, Bailey, and RR crew? Cherish those memories. I drew you in wcp outfit. You decide.

Most Sincerely,
Very good friend,
Talon Thunderblade