July 20, 2011

Wish it was my last blog post- Isn't though.


Well yesterday I put a post about the Wizard City Protectors being cancelled because of a reason. Now, since the post the other day, I thought that was my best post I have ever made, showing my thoughts, and what I thought about wcp. Now, One thing I know is that, some for some reason hate me, or hate the group. I don't think that's right at all. Just because I created a group to help the game, you shouldn't be saying hateful comments about us, or saying things like the group shouldn't even help. Now, I decided to quit the wcp, before someone says more rude things to me, but If you all still want to be a wcp on your own, you can. One thing I disagree on is that a person- who apparently isn't a nice person- was in the commons yesterday false reporting a lot of people. Now, my friend told me that. If this person reads my blog, you really should be ashamed of yourself, posing as others, and doing all of that. Well since all of this is happening, I am planning on cancelling my birthday party too. I am not going on wizard101 just to have someone pose as me or for people to call me or the wcp rude names. I hope you guys do understand my post, I am just really upset about all of this. To tell the truth, I was really thinking about quitting wizard101 and blogging because of all of this. For those being rude- I do not take out a lot of time blogging and playing Wizard101 just for someone to call me rude names, or the rest of wcp rude names. For those being rude, I really have nothing to say. Well since I am going to be busy from now until 9 days from now. I am thinking about not getting on wizard101 at all, since my birthday, and my moms birthday is in the 9 days. Anyways, I am very sorry about all of this, and if you see a character named Edward Lifegem who isn't me and is acting like wcp, don't listen to him or just port away.

~ Edward Lifegem

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