July 8, 2011

Contest Details along with Commons Courier

Hey Wizards,

The contest is coming along great! I love all of your comments so far :) I think that's very awesome. One thing I would change in Wizard101 would be that Ice be the strongest school in Wizard101! Kidding lol, Well I think I am, Oh well. I have a lot of comments in the post below and Wizard101 should look at those comments to see if they could change some of the things you mentioned :)

The contest will be ending today at Noon central time. Good luck everyone! If you still haven't made a response here is the question again:

If there is one thing you could change in Wizard101 what would it be?

The commons Courier!
First episode of the Commons Courier made by Luke Goldhorn!

I actually watched this video yesterday and it was awesome! Thanks for letting me post this on my blog Luke :) Remember, Credit goes the Luke Goldhorn!

I just want to say something to end this blog post. I am  very sorry about the blog post yesterday, I was very mad. I have nothing to blog about today still being sad and mad right now, I hope the changes and I hope you guys can help us if anything like us being banned or muted happens. Thanks for reading guys. 

~ Edward Lifegem

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The Deadly theurgist said...

Wow same sydney Song just read loinriders complaint about her. I'm sorry you and lionrider and the other guy got muted. Thats just cold...