July 9, 2011

Wizard City Protectors

Hi guys!

I am very sorry about my post earlier, It wasn't very good and I admit that one. I just wanted to tell more information about my new group I have thought of yesterday. I think most do know what it is from a lot of Facebook status. Anyways, Here is some information about it :)

What is Wizard City Protectors?
As the badge says, its nothing bad at all! We actually will help Wizards in Wizard101 and also we will ask those misbehaving to not forget the game is family friendly. There was an issue yesterday with this group that I am not going to get into details with, but we would never ever bully anyone. If we did, even though we don't, wouldn't it be called Wizard City bullies? That doesn't sound like a good name at all I think. Anyways, got a good reply on a blog that Malorn Ghostrider, still wanted to be a Wizard city Protector because the wizards in the commons are just getting mad because the game is family friendly, and all we want to do is keep it that way. Some thought we false reported another wizard, now I for one should know I have been false reported 10 times, I would never false report anyone. Now no more talking about that, I hope that you guys do like our group :)

 I would like to ask you guys to comment below telling me if this is a good idea or not. I think it is, Once they know its family friendly maybe no more wizards will get bullied again on there. Now I know we aren't going to cause Wizard101 World Peace or anything, I just want to help some innocent wizards who are getting bullied there. I know I am not kingsisle, but they do have a lot of work to do making new worlds, and making sure the game is perfect for us. They can't get on Wizard101 most of the time to make sure some are behaving. You know how they say a person can make a difference? I think we can make a difference on there. The colors green and black will be changed to any colors at all, just as long as you guys can help. You don't have to help all of the time. Don't forget we haven't even reported at all. It was just created yesterday. If its a bad idea to help, wait a minute its not a bad idea to help, just to those who think the game shouldn't be family friendly, that's the ones who think helping the game is a bannable offense.

Now, To end this blog post, I want as much people to comment below to tell me if its a good idea. I hope you do. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you guys do like WCP, Once again anyone can join, and don't call me a leader! Lol, I just want to help just like you guys are :) Btw, Kingsisle is not mad at us at all! thanks!

~ Edward Lifegem

p.s. Contest ending tomorrow, Sorry I keep postponing it, Getting a lot of comments now!


Fatal Exception said...

Of course it's a good idea! It's the responsibility of *every* wizard to (within reason) support and defend the founding principles that KI has set before us.

The best course is always "Leadership by example".

Anonymous said...

It is an AWESOME idea.
Malorn SwiftSword

Digby blue song said...

it's an AWESOME idea Of Course!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think WCP is a great idea. The commons are really getting crazy. Even since I started playing less than a year ago.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks for your nice comments guys, It really does mean a lot and the situation we had the first day the group was created was terrible. Oh well, You will always have mean wizards in wizard101, or mean people In real life. Thanks again :)