July 3, 2011

Wizard101 Research- Asking For Help

Hello Everyone,

I have been doing a little research that I wanted to show you all, maybe someone has done this before, or maybe not. I just wanted to see what the results could be with a couple of different subjects I have been doing a research on. First off I went to the commons on my level 33 ice and asked 10 people for help to see how much wizards would say yes or no for helping me on a quest. Oh that is not all I did though, I have also went to the commons and asked 10 wizards for help on my legendary! I would like to see the difference between the two. I hope you guys like this blog post, I haven't really done anything like this and I would like to now. Enjoy!

Wizard101 Help: Magus Thaumaturge
Okay, I went to the commons in different realms and asked 10 people if they could help me on a quest in Marleybone. There wasn't really a quest, but the results of this was 7 people said no, and 3 people said yes. So really, 70% said no, and 30% said yes. Now, if you are starting the game new or on a new character make sure you don't ask for help there. Maybe through the game you will meet nice people that will help you in the game. Don't forget though, 7/10 people may say no, It could turn out different though, Maybe you should try that out sometimes to see how much people would say yes or no if you needed help. Also, good luck if you are questing a new character :)

Wizard101 Help: Legendary Thaumaturge
There was a big difference for those who said yes or no from the research above. I went on my Ice character and went to the commons again and asked 10 people if they could help me with a quest in Wintertusk. Now, I think Wizards know I wouldn't need help in Wintertusk or finishing wintertusk being an ice character. The results of this was 9 people saying no, and one person saying yes! 90% of 100 said no. Only 10% of 100 said yes. That is actually awesome, I never really did any research like this before! I am sure it could be different with different schools. Ice can survive a lot of damage that is why I am sure they said no for my Legendary Thaumaturge. I have to admit though, that was very cool seeing the difference between a magus and legendary getting help. I am glad Wizard101 does have nice people to help newer wizards that joined wizard101.

The Results:
Just like I said above, In research more Wizards would be willing to help a newer wizard other than an older wizard. I am very glad I did this so others could see that the Wizard101 community can be helpful. Some don't answer though when you ask for help. Remember though,  say please when you do ask for help, and ask nicely. When you just tell them: HELP NOW, or I AM GOING TO DIE, They might not help you because that was a rude way to put it. I think that when you ask nicely they would be willing to help you. Anyways, I made some photos of what you should do when asking for help. Also, this is the ending of the blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading! I am sure most might get bored but this is something that I wanted to do for a while. I also hope you enjoyed the results of asking for help in Wizard101.

                                                   Nice way of asking for help:

Rude way of Asking for help:

Blaze and I did make this up, but I just wanted to show examples of asking for help in a nice way, Remember, you will most likely get a no if you just yell help or something. Well like I said, this is the end of the blog post I hope you enjoyed my different research. See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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