July 8, 2011

Wizard101 Schools Deserve? and a Contest?

Hi Wizards,

First off, I would like to talk about the schools of wizard101 and what kind of spells they deserve, I was talking to my friend Chase Earthblade  about what type of spells the wizard101 schools deserve, your thoughts might be differently but here are my thoughts of what the schools deserve.

I think the Ice school deserves another strong all enemies hit. I think this because my favorite school is ice, and I know someday they will be strong just like the storm school. Look at snow angel, that is one tough spell, I think they deserve another spell like that when there are new spells for each school.

Yes, they deserve another strong all enemies hit spell too. They only have one hit spell for all enemies and when trying to find that, you might only find centaur if you can't find that spell. Wouldn't it be nice trying to look for 2 hit all enemy spells? I think so, hopefully they do give life another strong spell like forest lord.

Death and life are alike, they only have one hit all enemy spells. I think death needs a strong spell, maybe not like skeletal dragon, but one that steals health and hits just like scarecrow, if you ask me death does deserve a strong spell.

Myth deserves a strong all enemies hit too, I am sure myth wizards, including me, are getting tired of earthquake and humongofrog, and after the pet, it really got annoying to me. They deserve a spell that is in a range of 600-700 to all enemies. Since myth isn't the school no one really likes.

Fire is perfect to me, they have hits to all enemies and they also have strong hits. So there is no telling what they may get in the future.

Other than a spell, this school deserves health for sure. It can be embarrassing in pvp getting killed right away from another wizard, I don't like trying pvp on my storm character, mainly because 2300 health won't help.

They deserve one hit to one enemy, I think that would help, Judgement is a very boring spell, This is coming from a person who has all schools. I think they should get something awesome instead of judgement if you ask me, I don't know what the next spell should be, hopefully a strong hit to one enemy though.

That's my thoughts on what schools should get, hopefully some of these do happen, and before I forget I have another thing to talk about other than the schools and the contest.

The Wizard City Protectors: 
Some might have seen this on Facebook, I made a new group called the Wizard city protectors, this is actually a group in Wizard101, and they help against bad language or things you shouldn't say in Wizard101. This group will not be reporting much, they will be trying to tell others that this is a family friendly game and that the bad things said in the game isn't tolerated. Kind of like wizards against cussing this group will be helping kind of like that group. I am not trying to be rude or anything, but it does get annoying trying to ask for help on twitter, one time I didn't get any help so I just gave up.  Well other than that, the colors of the group should be green and black, and you should have the Wizard City protector badge on. If you can't do that its okay, I will help you get those things, or the group will. Anyone can join, and I am trying to get over 10 wizards at least to join this group. If you would like to join we are having a meeting today, more information below.

Meeting Area and more Information:
Vampire Area One
The Commons
Wear green and black and the Wizard City protector badge if possible.
Anyone can join this group.

The Contest: 
Okay I have had about 8 wizards respond to the contest question. The contest question is in the blog post below this one, If you would like to try don't forget to look at the blog post. Thanks for those who already did that! Good luck everyone :)

Yes, you once again made it to the end of the blog post! Congratulations :) Okay that's it for today and I hope to see you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Heather Raven said...

Correction: Myth is the school no one really gets. It's a unique style of game-play that can be very disorienting compared to the other schools. People may have a hard time playing a myth wizard but that's because they don't understand the school.

Edward Lifegem said...

I love the myth school :) I wish they had more attack all spells though, When I started my myth character, some said they didn't like the school at all. Oh well, their loss right? :)