August 30, 2011

Housing: Diana Wildheart

Hello Wizards!

A couple of days ago I mentioned about making a blog post about housing glitches. Well today Diana Wildheart decided to show me her creative house! I think anyone would like to see this house in person. Before I show you any of the photos, I would like to talk about a few things. Diana will be having a birthday party on September 9th and yes its her birthday party! Anyways, she told me she would be putting more information about that on her blog. Here is a link to her blog: I can't wait to go to your party Diana! I can't wait until you show them your other house that I didn't take photos of too. You guys will like the other house she is hosting her birthday party. Thanks again for showing me your housing glitches, and houses Diana! Here are a couple of photos of Diana's massive fantasy palace.

Diana's Fairgrounds!

Yes there is mini games in each tent! 

 One last photo there at the fairgrounds!

Entrance of an Epic Pvp Ring!
- Credit goes to KBB

I wonder if I should go in the Pvp ring or not? Wait how do I get in there?

Entrance to the pvp ring!

Missing Forest lord, but this is one Epic Forest! 

Well I really enjoyed looking at Diana's Massive Fantasy Palace! I can't wait until you guys see the other house too, that will be September 9th though! Oh and if you all would like to show me a very cool glitch or house, just comment below, or send me a message on Facebook. You can also send me a dm on twitter to @Edwardlifegem I can't wait to show some more houses that are very cool on blog posts! Oh and thanks again for showing me your epic house Diana! I can't wait until your birthday party so I can see it again :)

~ Edward Lifegem

August 28, 2011

Victory at the Tower of the Helephant!

Hello Wizards!

Today, the tower of the helephant was finally completed! In the test realm, I tried to solo the first floor and died! Well I went with a group today, and it was way better than it was when I tried to solo in the test realm. I am sure it would be very hard if anyone tried to solo that tower. I always said my ice would never die no matter how hard the battle was. The first time in the test realm, after completing Wysteria, I decided to go in the tower and complete the quest. The first time I went in there I bought 3 life minions to help me stay alive and I knew I wasn't going to die until the first time the death boss used skeletal dragon when I fizzled. Another thing is that the death boss also uses the -90 tower shield until you kill the myth boss. Well in the test realm I didn't know any of the rules, and I died after about 10 minutes of being there. Today I found out after you kill the myth boss, the death boss does stop using the tower shield, but you should be ready for a lot of leviathans! I was hit by 5 leviathans, and I had to keep healing or I would have died after 2 hits. Without any storm resist the leviathans did at least 2000 for each hit without any shields. After defeating all of the bosses on the first round, we went to the next couple of fights which were easy. At first I thought the helephant was going to be bad, but he really wasn't at all. A dragon was the head of the evil plan of having a lot of power. What was terrible when we started fighting him was that we almost didn't make it, and we almost died! I had a bad feeling that we wouldn't make it through the tower, but.. We did! It took forever to go through that tower though, I had to heal a lot more than I ever had to in any dungeon. If you want to go through that tower you should really be prepared before you do. Whatever you do, you should make sure you have a lot of heals if you don't have a life character to help you through the tower. Good luck to those if you are planning on going through the tower. Here are a couple of photos that I was taking through the tower.

Autumn Dreamwalker's Ra! Killed the boss first hit!

Everyone on very low health, This is where we almost died.

After defeating the boss- Victory Heal!

Yeah, we made it through the tower of the helephant!
x bows x

My new badge!

Well it took forever to get through the tower but we all made it through finally! I am glad that we didn't all die. I do admit that I did die, but Scot's pet saved us all, she healed him a total of 6 times in a row! He was on low health and he was up to full health by the time all of the heals were gone. He healed me and I started to heal everyone else and that's how we survived this dangerous quest, and tower. I have to admit though, I am sure I won't be back in the tower any time soon, unless I want to farm in there. I am glad we made it through the tower because we all have a new badge to use :) 

~ Edward Lifegem

August 27, 2011

What makes Wizard101 the Best?

Hello Wizards!

I was going to do a blog post on Wysteria today, but I decided to make a blog post on how Wizard101 is the greatest Online game ever in my words. I am sure a lot can say Wizard101 is the greatest game you could ever play online. I think anyone could play this game because of the great wizard101 community, and the nice people in the game. So if you want to know my opinions of what I think make Wizard101 the best keep on reading!

Family Friendly Content:
 Wow, I have to admit Wizard101 does keep the game family friendly more than we think. If you look at the things Kingsisle does to make the game family friendly, you will see that they do a lot to keep the game family friendly. Here are a few things Kingsisle does to keep the game family friendly.

With the ignore option you can ignore those that are being bad in Wizard101 or using a lot of bad language. I think this is the best option in the game if you ask me. I am glad they added this to the game because if they didn't have it, it would be terrible trying to ignore those who are saying bad things in the game right?

I shouldn't say I like this option, but it is very good with those who misbehave in Wizard101, it really helps with those using bad language. I don't think Wizard101 would be very family friendly without this option, I can tell if it was gone it would be a very bad game. That's not the case though, they have it and it really does help the game a lot! 

Chat Filters: 

With this, Kingsisle does block out a lot of things that aren't supposed to be said in the game. I really do like this because if everyone could talk freely, it would be a train wreck. Other than the other things that make Wizard101 family friendly, this has to be the best thing in the game. This helps a lot if you ask me, and I am sure they will keep using this in the game :) 

Wizard101 Community and Friends:
Just like I mentioned above in the introduction of this blog post, I know the wizard101 community is the best you could ever meet! I have read a lot of great blogs and met a lot of great people that blog about Wizard101. I am glad that there are a few out of 20 million that do blog about Wizard101, you guys are the best! Other than the community, making great friends on Wizard101 is the best too! I have made over 200 friends on all of my characters of Wizard101. I am glad Wizard101 had the friend feature when everyone started playing their game because that's another great thing they added to the game was the friends list. I am sure anyone will agree that making new great friends is very cool for the game! Knowing that there are over 20 million people in the game, I am know anyone could make a new good friend on the game. If you haven't played Wizard101 yet and you are looking at this blog post, Go to this link!

Cool Spells, Great Graphics and Awesome Pets, Oh my!

Kingsisle did a great job making the spells, making great graphics and making the awesome pets! Now I should have put Questing in the title too! Questing to get the spells and pets is very fun. I have quested on Wizard101 a lot to get these things. I have every school spell in the game from questing so much! I don't have all of the pets though. Questing through and getting these items will be achieving after you are done! I won't show you all of them, but here a couple of spells I am glad I did get after questing through Wizard101, I am sure anyone can tell the graphics are great in these photos too :)

Other than the spells, I really do love the pets on Wizard101! I know since they have added the Pet Pavilion, pets have been way better than they were. Anyone would agree with me about that. The best thing about the pets is that they give very good talents to help your Wizard in questing. This is one reason I like leveling my pets so I can get the good talents for the pets. Other than the pet pavilion, here are a few pets that are some of my favorite pets in the game! 

Why do you think makes Wizard101 the best?

Other than the things I have mentioned above of what I think makes Wizard101 the best, there are still a million and one things that make Wizard101 the best! If you know why Wizard101 is the best, ask yourself, what do you think makes Wizard101 the best? I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you guys do know I think Wizard101 is the best, awesome, and a lot of great words I could say about the game!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 26, 2011

Another Pvp Party

Hey everyone,

I decided to make another blog post over a Pvp party I want to have very soon. I am thinking about meeting everyone in the Unicorn Realm, in the commons to add you guys to my fire so you can port to my Sultans Palace so we can pvp a little. I really do hate last minute notices in pvp parties, but if you would like to come I will be putting some information below so you can join. This is just a random pvp party, you don't have to stay long if you don't want to :) I really do hope a lot can join though, if you can't I do understand. Anyways, here is more information below if you would like to join.

Area to meet: Unicorn Area One, the Commons.
Area to go: My Sultans Palace
Rules: Absolutely no bad language, and make sure to treat others the way you want to be treated. Those will be sent away if they do act bad, or use bad language.
Person to meet: Edward Firegem
When? Now, if you would like to go :)

Well that's all the information I have for the party.

~ Edward Lifegem



Damage VS Ouch!

Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about Youtube. I have made a few videos with some strong hits, and so far they have been doing great when I tried my best hitting with a couple of different spells. I don't know if you have seen this video yet, about 10 days ago I made a strong hit with Snow Serpent. I didn't think it would do much since ice really isn't the strongest school of the bunch. Even though I love the ice school. Anyways, instead of just showing you the snow serpent hit, I would also like to show you some of the other spells I have made. All of the videos I put down I have done them solo and yes I do own the youtube videos :) Here are a couple of the videos and some I will give some descriptions of what I used to make the strong hit below the video.

Snow Serpent- 
Dark Pact- 35 Blade
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Amulet
Ice Blade- 40 Blade
Ice Blade- 45 Blade- From Crafted Hat
Ice Blade- 45 Blade- Treasure Card
Ice Blade- 40 blade- Elemental Blade
Ice Blade- 35 Blade- Elemental Blade
Ice Trap- 25 Trap- Elemental Trap
Feint- 70+20- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+30- Normal Death Card
Hex- 35 Trap- Amulet Hex
Ice Trap- 35 Trap- Treasure Card 
Ice Trap- 30 Trap- Normal Ice Trap
Hex- 30 Trap- Bought From Bazaar
Feint- 70+30- Fierce Hound Card
1 Amplify- 20- Treasure Card




Amplify- 20- Treasure Card
Amplify- 20- Treasure Card- 2 of them
Storm Blade- 30 Blade
Storm Blade- 30 Blade- Rain Demon Oni
Storm Blade- 40 Blade- Elemental
Superchage- Full Power Pips- 140 Blade
Storm Blade- 35 Blade- Elemental
Dark Pact- 35 Blade- Treasure Card
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Amulet
Dragon Blade- 30 Blade- Treasure Card
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Treasure Card
Curse- 25 Trap- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+20- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+30
Storm Trap- 30 Trap- Elemental Trap- Treasure Card
Storm Trap- 30 Trap- Treasure Card
Hex- 35 Trap- Amulet
Storm Trap- 20 Trap- Windstorm
Storm Trap- 25 Trap
Storm Trap- 35 Trap- Treasure Card


Well that's all the videos and information I will be giving you today. It took forever to find out what I used in the videos though, since I used them weeks, and months ago. Anyways, don't forget results may vary due to your damage. I had all of my gear on my storm so I had storm damage which was- 80. My ice had ice damage which was- 43. If you would like to do the same damage you should try to get to that damage number :) Good luck everyone, and sorry if this post was a little confusing, I just wanted to use it for those who didn't know what I was using. Also, the videos I left blank was those that were too long ago and I couldn't remember what I have used even looking at the video. Enjoy!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 24, 2011

Not Quitting! Daily Update

Hello again,

I just wanted to say that I will not be quitting blogging right now. I know that this morning I told you in the near future I will be quitting Wizards and blogging. I am going to keep my blog up, and keep my wizards account. Even though I will be quitting next summer, I am never going to delete all of the memories from Wizard101. Anyways, just saying it again, I am not quitting yet! Trust me, when I quit its going to be a long time writing the last blog post. Until then, I am going to enjoy Wizard101 and enjoy meeting new friends on the game. Oh and, sorry about the boring blog posts today, not very a good day here. I will be making a new blog post tomorrow, more about Wysteria :) Well see ya then!

~ Edward Lifegem


Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about blogging and some bloggers who can't blog anymore. First of all, I am sure yesterday a lot have noticed that Autumn from HIAG has made her last blog post. I really do love reading her blog posts, and I am sure everyone will miss you Autumn! If you would like a link to her last blog post go to the link below:

Another person and blog I would like to mention is Isaac from the Balancing Act will not be blogging anymore. I really do hate that a lot can't blog anymore, but just like Autumn said in her blog posts, all good things must come to an end. Here is link of his last blog post:

Even though I am sad that they had to stop blogging, One day I have to make a post like this. Next year I am planning on not playing Wizard101 anymore or blogging. I am glad I get a couple more months with you guys though! I hope that one day, I will come back to blogging. I think I may keep my blog up just like Autumn and Isaac have done so far. I don't want to destroy all of the posts I have made. Which is about 235 posts so far? Well I hope that I can get that to over 300 blog posts before I stop. Anyways, you guys will be missed in the blogging world! I will still be reading your blogs everyday, even if I have to start over and read them all over each day :) Good luck guys!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 22, 2011

Questing through Wysteria

Hello Wizards!

Jack Dancing "Every Second" 
Today I decided to start questing through the world of Wysteria. It was very fun questing, last time I did a blog post I was questing on my ice character Edward Wintergem. This time I decided to quest with my life character. Now I took a little bit of photos of my adventures through Wysteria. So I hope you enjoy this blog post! Anyways,  There is a photo above I wanted to take to show my satyr that there is a satyr that doesn't always dance. I don't think he got the message though. Other than that, today was a very fun day finally getting to quest through wysteria with a membership! The last few days were boring because of not having a membership and not being able to quest through the new world of Wysteria. Sorry for the late blog post over this world though. I am also going to talk about adding new friends on my life character. So I hope you can make it through this long post. Oh and this is only the introduction of this blog post!

Just like I said in the introduction, today was very fun questing through Wysteria. It was actually better than questing on my ice character through this world. I said in another blog post that there is something weird about this new world though. When I say weird, I mean something mysterious. When I started this world on my ice character on the test realm. I started noticing that there was different things about this world that didn't make sense at all. When we explored their fountain, it was supposed to magical but it wasn't. Also, they have something against Ravenwood. That was the main things I have noticed about questing through this world. Either Ravenwood copied off of Wysteria, or Wysteria copied off of Ravenwood. Anyways, other than that, here are a few photos I was taking when I started questing through this world.
Is it just me or does frost giant look a little different? 


Getting ready to fight with the last tournament. 

Talking to Merle Ambrose

I didn't put all of the photos here because this is a long blog post. There were actually over 15 photos I had for this blog post, I decided not to put them all on here though. Since I have blogged about Wysteria before, there is really nothing else I could talk about other than what I talked about in the other blog post from the test realm. 

Adding New Friends: 
I have promised a few that I would add them when I had my membership again. If you would still like me to add you, I can! I am sorry it took so long for me to add you though. Anyways, if you would still like to add me, I am thinking about putting up a meeting area so I can try to add as much as I can to my list. If you would like me to add you here is a meeting area, oh and I will be adding those I promised first. I will be adding in the commons, Sunbird Area one. 

Well, that's it for today's blog post. Don't forget if you would like to add me, I will be in Sunbird Area one in the commons. Oh and I will not be adding alts if you are on my list already. Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 20, 2011

Extra Extra, Read all about it!

Hello Wizards,

I would like to talk more about Wysteria and the new wyvern's hoard they released yesterday. Lately I have noticed that there have been a lot of bugs like I talked about yesterday in a post. A lot of good things though are that Wysteria had a lot more than I thought would be released. They have new things from, the world Wysteria, to new mounts, to new houses! I only thought they would release the world only. Let me just say Kingsisle has done a great job with this update. I can't believe they have more updates coming this year. I can't wait until the major update at the end of this year. I am guessing it will probably be on test realm by Christmas, or maybe later on. Until then, I can't wait! I have to go through this world when I get my membership which I really do want because I have nothing to blog about. Well, I told you guys yesterday that I would be taking a break from blogging and Wizard101. I decided not to, I think I should stay, even though there is really nothing to blog about without me having the membership. I will try to get it soon so I can start blogging more about Wysteria. Anyways, to talk more about this new world. I have noticed a few of the new mounts around the commons. I think my favorite has to be this one and of course the Ice wyvern? I don't know if its called that, but it will be my best guess! Here is a Golden Wyvern. Oh and you can get the Wyvern hoards for 399 crowns for each pack.

 I really do like this mount, and I think I will try to get it, when I get crowns. Wow talk about a depressing moment in Wizard101. Anyways, other than the new mounts. There are also new teleporters in the crowns shop. These are very helpful if you have a house like the Sultans Palace whee you don't want to run everywhere around the house to get to one certain area. Instead you can use these to teleport to an area you usually go to. I think I would love to get one of these, I think that this is the best housing item anyone can get if you ask me. If you would like to get one they are 2500 crowns each. If you would like to save yourself crowns, get the 6 pack of Porters, they cost 9995 crowns for 6 teleporters! I think that is a good deal if you ask me. I usually don't buy crown items in the crowns shop, but I suggest if you would like one of these, to get them. The colors of these new teleporters are:

I would blog more about the world of Wysteria, but since I can't get there, I will blog about it when I get my membership which is hopefully soon. Oh and for those who do have access there, I really do hope you enjoy it. You will make a lot of discoveries there, and when I started on the test realm it felt like I was new to the game again! I really do like this world and I hope you enjoy it too. Well you made it to the end of the blog post. I hope to see you guys in the game!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 19, 2011

My Friends!

Hello Wizards,

As you have noticed, the world of Wysteria was released on the Live Realm this morning. Now, I just want to make a quick blog post on what happened in Celestia, and also in this new world of Wysteria. When Celestia was finally released to the live realm, everyone kept telling them to hurry up and release it. The first time it came out to the live realm, it was very laggy, and buggy. I am sure anyone who went through Celestia when it first was released to the live realm would agree to that. I am sure a lot of wizards do hate the bugs when new worlds are released. What is kinda rude though, some on Facebook was telling Kingsisle to hurry up and release the new world of Wysteria. When you tell someone to hurry on, lets say a Science project, you will most likely fail from hurrying to finish it right? Well when you told them to hurry to release this new world, there were a lot of bugs, including the Friends gone bug. I have to agree this is very annoying, but now some are telling Kingsisle to hurry up and fix the friends list situation. I am not trying to be rude to anyone, but maybe you should give them some time to try to fix it for us. Until then, go to Wysteria and try out the new world that they released. I am sure they will fix the bugs soon. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy Wysteria, and all it has to offer everyone! Also, don't forget, thank Kingsisle for releasing a great world. I can't wait to start exploring this world again! Good luck with your adventures through Wysteria everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Taking another break

Hello Wizards,

I decided to take another break from blogging again, and wizard101. I will be on Facebook and Twitter a little, but I wanted to tell you I don't know which day I will come back to start blogging and go on wizard101. There really isn't anything to blog about, so I am sorry I couldn't make this post that long. I hope you guys enjoy Wysteria though, which will be released on the live realm today after maintenance. Also, enjoy Crispy while you are there, she is... Yeah her name describes her perfectly! Anyways, I hope to see you guys sometimes later, and I don't want to take a break. See you guys later!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 17, 2011


Hello Wizards,

I didn't think I would have anything to blog about, but I decided to blog about a really good friend's house that I really wanted to show you guys! Anyways, he told me he made a glitch, called Atlantis, at first I was wondering what glitch it was. Now until I got there, I found out why he called it Atlantis! An area I have always wanted to be in the Storm House was now to our access! I never thought an area in the storm house was an area anyone could get to until today. Anyways, let me show you the pictures so you could take a look at it yourself!

Walk the Plank

Blaze Dragonhorn has made a very cool area in his house. I want to thank you for letting me take a few photos to make this post! Oh and I forgot to mention, the shark vanishes behind the dark blue ocean. No lie on that one! Here is some proof that he would have to swim in mid air in order to go around in a circle! 

Well I wish the Shark good luck swimming in that. Also, good job blaze! I can't imagine how much work this had to take, I may try this one day, and when I say that, I am sure I would never accomplish something this epic! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this post!

~ Edward Lifegem

Oh and the video below, when he says its a myth. Its right here above! :D

Note: I do not own this video!

August 16, 2011

Wizard101 Central and Wizard Weekly

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I made a Wizard101 Central account! It is my first time joining wizard101 central so I have to find a way to understand how everything works there. Anyways, I decided to put Wizard Weekly back on my blog so everyone can look at it each week again. Anyways, before I show you the videos I missed out on, I would like to talk about Wizard101 Central. So far I have added 4 people on there. I don't really know who else has a central account, but if you would like to add me on there, I am EdwardLifegem. Just search up my name if you would like to be friends on there. To tell the truth, Wizard101 Central is actually a great site, I am sure I will figure out how everything works on there soon. Hopefully today! Yesterday I was having a hard time figuring out how to add new friends. Today I am having a bit of trouble on how to post. I can't wait to figure out everything on there though since I am new to Wizard101C. Anyways, here are some videos that I don't think I put on my blog yet. Enjoy :) Oh and I don't own these videos, credit goes to Fawne!

Wizard Weekly Episode 14

Wizard Weekly Episode 15

Wizard Weekly Episode 16

Wizard Weekly Episode 17

Wizard Weekly Episode 18

Wizard Weekly Episode 19

Other than that, I hope you guys have a great day! Oh and don't forget to add me on Central if you would like to! See you guys later!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 15, 2011

Advice: New Bloggers

Hey Wizards!

Since I really don't have anything to blog about because of my membership being out. I would like to give some advice to those who really want to create a blog and really having a lot of trouble getting some to follow you. It doesn't matter when or if someone doesn't follow you or follows you. When I created my blog last year in May of 2010, I only had 7 followers for about 11 months. The thing is, I never put down on Facebook when I had a new blog posts, and I barely made any blog posts. Sometimes I would make a blog post within months apart. Well when April of this year finally got here, I decided I wanted to start blogging again, and it was going almost every single day. One thing I did was make goals for myself with my blog. For example I made a goal to where I would have 15 followers by a certain amount of time, and then 30, and so on. I think that really did help too. Also when I had a new blog post I have made, I always make sure I post it on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I post my new blog post on Diary of a Wizard Connectx. Oh and sometimes I thought it annoyed everyone, one thing I remembered though was that it was a goal. I still think it may annoy some, but I am still going to do that. I am still making goals for myself, if you make goals for yourself, you will succeed. Below is some steps for you if you would like to complete a blog without all of the writing!

1. Post on Facebook or Twitter when you have a new post.
2. Make sure to post often. Even if you don't have anything to post about, there will always be something that you will think of. I thought of posting about this when I don't even have a membership!
3. Make goals for yourself, If you make goals it will help you a lot.
4. Enjoy blogging, don't make too much goals for yourself, because if you do you may not enjoy blogging. I love blogging and I make a few goals for myself. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do, and good luck!

This may not happen for a blog, but look what happen when they set goals for themselves and never gave up!

I do not own this video

Well see you guys later and have a great day!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 13, 2011

A day as an Ice Wizard

Hey everyone,

Now as you have recognized, my blog is different. Now, I am doing this because I would like you to see the difference of my blog over a year ago, and now. There are a lot more differences than I put so far. First of all, there were no page tabs, and the posts were not that long, I didn't really know much about blogging. Anyways I will change it back after this week, until then, enjoy a photo of frost giant above from Google Images! I know you guys are probably still wondering why I changed it back to before. I have been here on wizard101 2 years this week! Guess where I looked at the wizard commercial at? On Cartoon Network! Anyways, other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the blog! Oh and, since you have seen the older version, I am showing you a newer version of the older version now :) If that made sense! lol

~A day life wizard!
I mean ice!

Spiral Live Starts Today!

Hello Wizards,

Now, the title explains it all, Spiral Live will start today. I can't wait until it does start I will be listening in tonight to listen to their first episode. I wonder how much people will attend tonight for their first episode? I hope a lot do! Anyways, I made a post about Spiral Live not too long ago explaining what Spiral Live is and some more information about it. I decided to make another post to do the same thing today. Anyways, some may know that Spiral Live is a new podcast that Blaze Shadowhorn, Amber Rosepetal, and Nicholas Lionrider is hosting. I can't wait to listen in. I hope you guys are ready! I bet a lot will join. Today I told a friend on Facebook that if I was hosting a podcast like that, I would be very nervous, and I am sure you would hear me dropping things and everything! Anyways, good luck on not doing that tonight guys, and I hope I didn't cause you any bad luck saying that. Here is some more information about Spiral Live.

Spiral Live: 
The first Episode will air today, August 13, 2011.
The times of the episode are:
8:30 EST- Eastern Time Zone
7:30 CST- Central Time Zone
5:30 PST- Pacific Time Zone
6:30 MDT- Mountain Time Zone

A couple of links I would like to you to go to are the Spiral Live site:!listen-live

The Spiral Live Livestream:

Last but not least, the Spiral Live Facebook Event Page:

Count me as a supporter of Spiral Live, because I am sure it will be awesome. I might even put up a Spiral Live Page tab on my blog soon. Oh and, if you guys want to send questions to them, you can send it to, Good luck again guys!

August 12, 2011

House-A-Palooza Begins

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe how many "palooza's" wizard101 has had lately! Now its a house-a-palooza. They have some awesome offers along with this! One thing is that some of the housing items are up to 50% off! Also, you get a free housing item when you log in the game between now and the 23rd of August. Fan sites are also having contests and I have read about a few of them, Look below for more information on that. First, here is a photo of some of the things that are on sale!

Paige's Page:
Wow, Paige has been having a lot of giveaways, with the dorm room contest, and now the house-a-palooza contest! This time she is giving away a Royal Playhouse's. She will be giving away 15 of them! For more information go to this link, and don't forget to follow her blog :)

Petnome Project:
Another Fan site that has been having a lot of contests, is none other than the Petnome Project! KBB said in a tweet that they will be giving away 15 Island Getaways! Wow, If you didn't get to go on a vacation this Summer, you should look at their site: Or follow Petnome on Twitter: @petnome

Now if you guys are saying: "Oh I won't win this one" or "I am not good at contests" How do you know you won't win the contest, and you may say you aren't good at contests, but I am sure if you try, you will succeed! I have to admit yesterday I said something like that. I might try out for one of the contests though. I think its very cool that they are having contests, one after another, and make sure to check out all of the Fan sites because you never know which ones will be giving out something, or which ones are having the contests. I wish you all good luck if you do enter, and if you don't think you want to enter, you should try it! I bet you could win, even if you say you wouldn't. Well that is it for this blog post! Oh and if you don't know the fan sites, check out this page:

Hope to see you Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 11, 2011

Party or not?

Hey Wizards,

I am back from that long 2 weeks or so, from Wizard101. I barely had enough time to make the blog posts I have made the past few days. Anyways, I am back online Wizard101, and I am back to blogging. I really did enjoy the time away, but it got annoying not getting to play Wizard101. It is too addicting! I think anyone who plays Wizards will agree with me on that. Anyways, I told you guys I would have a party on my Birthday but I got very busy that day, and I didn't have time to make the party or anything. So instead I would like to make a party today! Yes today being soon. I think today would be a great day to have the party because today is the least busy day I have had in a long time! If you can't show up being busy, its okay I understand :) If you can, that's awesome, because I would like a lot to show up. Now I don't like explaining rules but here they are:

No Foul Language!
Don't Be Rude!
Treat others the way you want to be Treated!
Any Rules broken will be a kick out of the Sultans Palace.

More Information on this Party:
When? Today! August 11, 2011
What time? 2:00 Central Time, 17 Minutes From Now!
Why? If you would like to come to the party, that would be awesome, I explained up above.
Why do you keep asking questions? Hope to see you all there!
Port Bus: Lincoln Area one, The Commons!

Panther Attack!

Well See you all at the party if you can be there!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 9, 2011

10, 10, 10 Contest!

10 Dollar, 10 Wizard101 Gift Cards, 10 People!

Yes, as you have read I will be giving away 10 dollar, 10 wizard101 gift cards, to 10 people! I was planning on making this contest update later on, but I wanted to make it now because I couldn't wait any longer on telling you guys. You may have read my tweets on Twitter mentioning that I was going to have an epic contest! Well this is the announcement of the new contest I am having later on. Just like I said, I would like to make it earlier so everyone will know about it. Here is some more details about it.

Contest Details:
You have to be following my blog to have a chance to win one of these cards.
I will give away 2 on Twitter and 2 on Facebook, I will give away 6 on this blog.
I never had to say this before, but with it being a big contest, please don't beg on Facebook or Twitter, that gets very annoying.
I will announce the day later on, I have to buy the cards, and get ready for the contest date. So for now, I will give you a little detail of when the contest might be. Whenever I reach a certain point on my blog, I will announce 10x10x10 on a blog post. Look for that! Also, I will announce it through twitter if you win. For Facebook I will be posting on your wall if you win. Good luck!

Why such a big contest?
Since I didn't tell you why above, I want to have this contest to thank you all for supporting my blog. It really does mean a lot that you do, so I am going to treat all of you with a contest! I shouldn't say contest, because this is a giveaway too! I hope you guys do enjoy this contest-give away, and I hope that you guys also do enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for reading Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem!!

~ 10 x 10 x 10
Edward Lifegem

August 8, 2011

Second Project

Hello Wizards,

I went to Kingsisle's site and found something different on it! I would like you to guess what I found- Unless someone else found it first- The Second Project. Guess what, it is different now and it now had 3 photos instead of one from that other time. I can't believe that they made some new photos for it. Here is a little message they wrote about it and the pictures will be below that message.

Kingsisle is coming out with a second project soon! The creator of amazing family online games like Wizard101 is rolling out a new kid safe game. From an award winning family entertainment gaming company, our second project is sure to delight gamers of all ages.

Since I couldn't copy the other 3 photos, go to this site for more information!
Scroll down and you will see the new photos, but remember, they aren't going to show you them until the project is released. Kind of like the Celestia photos. I think most do remember those. If you don't, they made a couple of characters show up on the Celestia photo each time they got closer to releasing Celestia!

When this is released, I am going to start playing that game along with Wizard101. I might be blogging about both of the games instead of just Wizard101. Sign me up when this second project is released. If there is a beta, I would love to sign up!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 7, 2011

News Around The Spiral

Hello Wizards!

Today I am making a little post about some news that's going around the spiral! First of all, most of you might know that Amber Rosepetal, Nicholas LionRider, and Blaze ShadowHorn have a new podcast that they will be doing on August 13th. I can't wait until their first episode! I will be supporting them, and here is some more information on Spiral Live!

The 1st episode will be airing on: August 13, 2011
What time? 
8:30 EST - Eastern Time
7:30 CST- Central Time
5:30 PST- Pacific Time
6:30 MDT- Mountain Time

Here is their site if you would like to go to it:!listen-live
Here is their Facebook Event:
Last but not least their Livestream:

Support them if you can everyone! As you can tell, I certainly am. Good luck guys :)

---------------------------------------------------Test Realm---------------------------------------------

I am sure many of you guys do know the test realm is online. Make sure go to try out the world Wysteria and see what adventures it brings you! It has certainly brought me a lot and I have yet again made more discoveries throughout this world. Malistaire and Merle Ambrose both went to this school, and there has to be a reason they left the school and made a school that seemed just like Pigswick Academy. I think that the school has more mysteries behind it than we think. Maybe there will be a side world to it? Grizzleheim is a side world, and it had Wintertusk with it. So maybe one day we will get more information about Pigswick Academy. If you haven't been to the test realm yet, here is a link to it:

Oh and here is another link I would like to give you guys to read. I don't know if you have read this yet, but Fred Howard mentioned at the end of this article about a new major update they are working on for the end of the year!

Well that's it for today everyone, I hope to see you in the game! Enjoy the Test realm while it lasts!

~ Edward Lifegem

August 5, 2011

Merle Ambrose and Belladonna Crisp

Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about some similarities, yet differences between each school of Merle Ambrose, and Belladonna's school. I went into the test realm the other day and noticed that Belladonna Crisp was talking about our school, when there are similarities between the schools. At first I did think that the schools were separate from each other, until I looked into the details today to see how similar they were to each other.  Here are some things I found during a little of research today.

Both schools have a power source:
Magic Fountain?


Even though they say the schools aren't the same, they really are. I two schools that did look the same to me.  The life and the Earth Schools.

They both seem the same to me, even though they do explain them different. I wonder why they do think they are different though? I would also compare the frost school to the ice school. Hmm maybe one day we will find out more about these schools and power sources they claim. Maybe Merle copied off of Pigswick Academy or maybe Pigswick Academy copied off of  Ravenwood Academy? Who knows? Well maybe the headmaster and headmistress do!

Well that's it for now. See you all around the Spiral! I will continue to see what other mysteries both schools do have. Maybe one day we will find out more about each school!

~ Edward Lifegem ~

August 4, 2011

My Adventures Through Wysteria

Hello Wizards!

Today I just noticed that the test realm was released! Now, I haven't been having too much fun before the test realm was released. Before I wasn't really wanting to get on wizard101, until today! Today I decided to test out the new world, Wysteria. If you ask me, it is a very nice world, and It actually made me feel like I was a new wizard when I first started playing it. When you first start wizard101 you talk to all of the professors and they are all new to you, well you also talk to all of the professors in Wysteria!

Here is one of the professors that I decided to take a picture of. There are 4 professors in Wysteria! It was fun talking to them, just like talking to the professors when you start wizard101. I think the best part of this was that I did seeing Pegasus horse in this new world! They also mentioned them as being mounts when reading a quest! I took a photo of this mount so everyone could see!

I am glad they did make a mount like that! I hope it will be released soon if it is a mount. Knowing that we don't have them right now, I am sure they will be released soon if they mentioned it in a quest. Also, don't forget, in the quest in Marleybone, Celestia was mentioned. Since this mount was mentioned, maybe it will become a mount soon! That would be very awesome. I would take the one in front of me since it matches my school. It would be awesome if there was one for each school, and all of them would look different!

------------End Of Blog Post----------

This may be a spoiler alert for those who don't want to see. So do read this if you don't want to find out the story line of Wysteria just yet. During this story line, It really did seem that the headmaster of this school was really blaming Professor Ambrose, and talking bad about how Ravenwood School of Magical arts was. When she was talking about Ambrose, and the school I kept thinking that maybe she was the bad one. Throughout the story line it kept getting mysterious! Another one I thought was bad was Randolf, he kept saying he was going to win the competition, and when the reward was stolen, I thought that he may of been the one to frame me for stealing it, and he could have won from me being disqualified from this competition.. Until the very end, The Earth teacher was the one who did frame me, but he was under a spell, and I finally saved him!

After this very long story line, I finally won the reward, defeating the last of this competition!
IF there is a next year for this, I will make sure I will win it again! Don't worry about that one! :)

Well, You finally made it to the end of the blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post, and here are a couple of other photos of the new world if you would like to look at them. Oh and maybe there will be more of a story line to this some time later. I really did enjoy this Kingsisle, and thanks for bringing back Wizard to Wizard101!

~ Edward Lifegem