August 9, 2011

10, 10, 10 Contest!

10 Dollar, 10 Wizard101 Gift Cards, 10 People!

Yes, as you have read I will be giving away 10 dollar, 10 wizard101 gift cards, to 10 people! I was planning on making this contest update later on, but I wanted to make it now because I couldn't wait any longer on telling you guys. You may have read my tweets on Twitter mentioning that I was going to have an epic contest! Well this is the announcement of the new contest I am having later on. Just like I said, I would like to make it earlier so everyone will know about it. Here is some more details about it.

Contest Details:
You have to be following my blog to have a chance to win one of these cards.
I will give away 2 on Twitter and 2 on Facebook, I will give away 6 on this blog.
I never had to say this before, but with it being a big contest, please don't beg on Facebook or Twitter, that gets very annoying.
I will announce the day later on, I have to buy the cards, and get ready for the contest date. So for now, I will give you a little detail of when the contest might be. Whenever I reach a certain point on my blog, I will announce 10x10x10 on a blog post. Look for that! Also, I will announce it through twitter if you win. For Facebook I will be posting on your wall if you win. Good luck!

Why such a big contest?
Since I didn't tell you why above, I want to have this contest to thank you all for supporting my blog. It really does mean a lot that you do, so I am going to treat all of you with a contest! I shouldn't say contest, because this is a giveaway too! I hope you guys do enjoy this contest-give away, and I hope that you guys also do enjoy reading my blog. Thanks for reading Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem!!

~ 10 x 10 x 10
Edward Lifegem


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The Strong Sorcerer said...

Woot with a capital oh... um... Wuh? W? OOT? O nevermind anyways, sounds awesome!

MackenzieBeartalon said...

Sounds great!!! BTW It's me!!

MackenzieBeartalon said...

Well, LOL it's been awhile. How's it been Edward? Oh and is that contest still going?