August 15, 2011

Advice: New Bloggers

Hey Wizards!

Since I really don't have anything to blog about because of my membership being out. I would like to give some advice to those who really want to create a blog and really having a lot of trouble getting some to follow you. It doesn't matter when or if someone doesn't follow you or follows you. When I created my blog last year in May of 2010, I only had 7 followers for about 11 months. The thing is, I never put down on Facebook when I had a new blog posts, and I barely made any blog posts. Sometimes I would make a blog post within months apart. Well when April of this year finally got here, I decided I wanted to start blogging again, and it was going almost every single day. One thing I did was make goals for myself with my blog. For example I made a goal to where I would have 15 followers by a certain amount of time, and then 30, and so on. I think that really did help too. Also when I had a new blog post I have made, I always make sure I post it on Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I post my new blog post on Diary of a Wizard Connectx. Oh and sometimes I thought it annoyed everyone, one thing I remembered though was that it was a goal. I still think it may annoy some, but I am still going to do that. I am still making goals for myself, if you make goals for yourself, you will succeed. Below is some steps for you if you would like to complete a blog without all of the writing!

1. Post on Facebook or Twitter when you have a new post.
2. Make sure to post often. Even if you don't have anything to post about, there will always be something that you will think of. I thought of posting about this when I don't even have a membership!
3. Make goals for yourself, If you make goals it will help you a lot.
4. Enjoy blogging, don't make too much goals for yourself, because if you do you may not enjoy blogging. I love blogging and I make a few goals for myself. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do, and good luck!

This may not happen for a blog, but look what happen when they set goals for themselves and never gave up!

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Well see you guys later and have a great day!

~ Edward Lifegem

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