August 17, 2011


Hello Wizards,

I didn't think I would have anything to blog about, but I decided to blog about a really good friend's house that I really wanted to show you guys! Anyways, he told me he made a glitch, called Atlantis, at first I was wondering what glitch it was. Now until I got there, I found out why he called it Atlantis! An area I have always wanted to be in the Storm House was now to our access! I never thought an area in the storm house was an area anyone could get to until today. Anyways, let me show you the pictures so you could take a look at it yourself!

Walk the Plank

Blaze Dragonhorn has made a very cool area in his house. I want to thank you for letting me take a few photos to make this post! Oh and I forgot to mention, the shark vanishes behind the dark blue ocean. No lie on that one! Here is some proof that he would have to swim in mid air in order to go around in a circle! 

Well I wish the Shark good luck swimming in that. Also, good job blaze! I can't imagine how much work this had to take, I may try this one day, and when I say that, I am sure I would never accomplish something this epic! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this post!

~ Edward Lifegem

Oh and the video below, when he says its a myth. Its right here above! :D

Note: I do not own this video!

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seanredhammer said...

lol I saw that, I was there before you! :P XD