August 24, 2011


Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about blogging and some bloggers who can't blog anymore. First of all, I am sure yesterday a lot have noticed that Autumn from HIAG has made her last blog post. I really do love reading her blog posts, and I am sure everyone will miss you Autumn! If you would like a link to her last blog post go to the link below:

Another person and blog I would like to mention is Isaac from the Balancing Act will not be blogging anymore. I really do hate that a lot can't blog anymore, but just like Autumn said in her blog posts, all good things must come to an end. Here is link of his last blog post:

Even though I am sad that they had to stop blogging, One day I have to make a post like this. Next year I am planning on not playing Wizard101 anymore or blogging. I am glad I get a couple more months with you guys though! I hope that one day, I will come back to blogging. I think I may keep my blog up just like Autumn and Isaac have done so far. I don't want to destroy all of the posts I have made. Which is about 235 posts so far? Well I hope that I can get that to over 300 blog posts before I stop. Anyways, you guys will be missed in the blogging world! I will still be reading your blogs everyday, even if I have to start over and read them all over each day :) Good luck guys!

~ Edward Lifegem


Fatal Exception said...

Thank you so much! I have the greatest faith that Our Community has more than enough capability to rise to the occasion. AtS is an excellent example of this.

Pegasus7 said...

Thanks alot! Its nice to know someone cares! I willstill keep reading your blog! And who knows? Maybe I will return.