August 26, 2011

Damage VS Ouch!

Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about Youtube. I have made a few videos with some strong hits, and so far they have been doing great when I tried my best hitting with a couple of different spells. I don't know if you have seen this video yet, about 10 days ago I made a strong hit with Snow Serpent. I didn't think it would do much since ice really isn't the strongest school of the bunch. Even though I love the ice school. Anyways, instead of just showing you the snow serpent hit, I would also like to show you some of the other spells I have made. All of the videos I put down I have done them solo and yes I do own the youtube videos :) Here are a couple of the videos and some I will give some descriptions of what I used to make the strong hit below the video.

Snow Serpent- 
Dark Pact- 35 Blade
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Amulet
Ice Blade- 40 Blade
Ice Blade- 45 Blade- From Crafted Hat
Ice Blade- 45 Blade- Treasure Card
Ice Blade- 40 blade- Elemental Blade
Ice Blade- 35 Blade- Elemental Blade
Ice Trap- 25 Trap- Elemental Trap
Feint- 70+20- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+30- Normal Death Card
Hex- 35 Trap- Amulet Hex
Ice Trap- 35 Trap- Treasure Card 
Ice Trap- 30 Trap- Normal Ice Trap
Hex- 30 Trap- Bought From Bazaar
Feint- 70+30- Fierce Hound Card
1 Amplify- 20- Treasure Card




Amplify- 20- Treasure Card
Amplify- 20- Treasure Card- 2 of them
Storm Blade- 30 Blade
Storm Blade- 30 Blade- Rain Demon Oni
Storm Blade- 40 Blade- Elemental
Superchage- Full Power Pips- 140 Blade
Storm Blade- 35 Blade- Elemental
Dark Pact- 35 Blade- Treasure Card
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Amulet
Dragon Blade- 30 Blade- Treasure Card
Balance Blade- 30 Blade- Treasure Card
Curse- 25 Trap- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+20- Treasure Card
Feint- 70+30
Storm Trap- 30 Trap- Elemental Trap- Treasure Card
Storm Trap- 30 Trap- Treasure Card
Hex- 35 Trap- Amulet
Storm Trap- 20 Trap- Windstorm
Storm Trap- 25 Trap
Storm Trap- 35 Trap- Treasure Card


Well that's all the videos and information I will be giving you today. It took forever to find out what I used in the videos though, since I used them weeks, and months ago. Anyways, don't forget results may vary due to your damage. I had all of my gear on my storm so I had storm damage which was- 80. My ice had ice damage which was- 43. If you would like to do the same damage you should try to get to that damage number :) Good luck everyone, and sorry if this post was a little confusing, I just wanted to use it for those who didn't know what I was using. Also, the videos I left blank was those that were too long ago and I couldn't remember what I have used even looking at the video. Enjoy!

~ Edward Lifegem

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