August 13, 2011

A day as an Ice Wizard

Hey everyone,

Now as you have recognized, my blog is different. Now, I am doing this because I would like you to see the difference of my blog over a year ago, and now. There are a lot more differences than I put so far. First of all, there were no page tabs, and the posts were not that long, I didn't really know much about blogging. Anyways I will change it back after this week, until then, enjoy a photo of frost giant above from Google Images! I know you guys are probably still wondering why I changed it back to before. I have been here on wizard101 2 years this week! Guess where I looked at the wizard commercial at? On Cartoon Network! Anyways, other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the blog! Oh and, since you have seen the older version, I am showing you a newer version of the older version now :) If that made sense! lol

~A day life wizard!
I mean ice!

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