August 20, 2011

Extra Extra, Read all about it!

Hello Wizards,

I would like to talk more about Wysteria and the new wyvern's hoard they released yesterday. Lately I have noticed that there have been a lot of bugs like I talked about yesterday in a post. A lot of good things though are that Wysteria had a lot more than I thought would be released. They have new things from, the world Wysteria, to new mounts, to new houses! I only thought they would release the world only. Let me just say Kingsisle has done a great job with this update. I can't believe they have more updates coming this year. I can't wait until the major update at the end of this year. I am guessing it will probably be on test realm by Christmas, or maybe later on. Until then, I can't wait! I have to go through this world when I get my membership which I really do want because I have nothing to blog about. Well, I told you guys yesterday that I would be taking a break from blogging and Wizard101. I decided not to, I think I should stay, even though there is really nothing to blog about without me having the membership. I will try to get it soon so I can start blogging more about Wysteria. Anyways, to talk more about this new world. I have noticed a few of the new mounts around the commons. I think my favorite has to be this one and of course the Ice wyvern? I don't know if its called that, but it will be my best guess! Here is a Golden Wyvern. Oh and you can get the Wyvern hoards for 399 crowns for each pack.

 I really do like this mount, and I think I will try to get it, when I get crowns. Wow talk about a depressing moment in Wizard101. Anyways, other than the new mounts. There are also new teleporters in the crowns shop. These are very helpful if you have a house like the Sultans Palace whee you don't want to run everywhere around the house to get to one certain area. Instead you can use these to teleport to an area you usually go to. I think I would love to get one of these, I think that this is the best housing item anyone can get if you ask me. If you would like to get one they are 2500 crowns each. If you would like to save yourself crowns, get the 6 pack of Porters, they cost 9995 crowns for 6 teleporters! I think that is a good deal if you ask me. I usually don't buy crown items in the crowns shop, but I suggest if you would like one of these, to get them. The colors of these new teleporters are:

I would blog more about the world of Wysteria, but since I can't get there, I will blog about it when I get my membership which is hopefully soon. Oh and for those who do have access there, I really do hope you enjoy it. You will make a lot of discoveries there, and when I started on the test realm it felt like I was new to the game again! I really do like this world and I hope you enjoy it too. Well you made it to the end of the blog post. I hope to see you guys in the game!

~ Edward Lifegem

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