August 12, 2011

House-A-Palooza Begins

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe how many "palooza's" wizard101 has had lately! Now its a house-a-palooza. They have some awesome offers along with this! One thing is that some of the housing items are up to 50% off! Also, you get a free housing item when you log in the game between now and the 23rd of August. Fan sites are also having contests and I have read about a few of them, Look below for more information on that. First, here is a photo of some of the things that are on sale!

Paige's Page:
Wow, Paige has been having a lot of giveaways, with the dorm room contest, and now the house-a-palooza contest! This time she is giving away a Royal Playhouse's. She will be giving away 15 of them! For more information go to this link, and don't forget to follow her blog :)

Petnome Project:
Another Fan site that has been having a lot of contests, is none other than the Petnome Project! KBB said in a tweet that they will be giving away 15 Island Getaways! Wow, If you didn't get to go on a vacation this Summer, you should look at their site: Or follow Petnome on Twitter: @petnome

Now if you guys are saying: "Oh I won't win this one" or "I am not good at contests" How do you know you won't win the contest, and you may say you aren't good at contests, but I am sure if you try, you will succeed! I have to admit yesterday I said something like that. I might try out for one of the contests though. I think its very cool that they are having contests, one after another, and make sure to check out all of the Fan sites because you never know which ones will be giving out something, or which ones are having the contests. I wish you all good luck if you do enter, and if you don't think you want to enter, you should try it! I bet you could win, even if you say you wouldn't. Well that is it for this blog post! Oh and if you don't know the fan sites, check out this page:

Hope to see you Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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