August 5, 2011

Merle Ambrose and Belladonna Crisp

Hello Wizards,

Today I would like to talk about some similarities, yet differences between each school of Merle Ambrose, and Belladonna's school. I went into the test realm the other day and noticed that Belladonna Crisp was talking about our school, when there are similarities between the schools. At first I did think that the schools were separate from each other, until I looked into the details today to see how similar they were to each other.  Here are some things I found during a little of research today.

Both schools have a power source:
Magic Fountain?


Even though they say the schools aren't the same, they really are. I two schools that did look the same to me.  The life and the Earth Schools.

They both seem the same to me, even though they do explain them different. I wonder why they do think they are different though? I would also compare the frost school to the ice school. Hmm maybe one day we will find out more about these schools and power sources they claim. Maybe Merle copied off of Pigswick Academy or maybe Pigswick Academy copied off of  Ravenwood Academy? Who knows? Well maybe the headmaster and headmistress do!

Well that's it for now. See you all around the Spiral! I will continue to see what other mysteries both schools do have. Maybe one day we will find out more about each school!

~ Edward Lifegem ~

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Ryan Hanks said...

Well if you look back on history. The founder of Pigswick Academy used to be a professor at Ravenwood who then left because his kind of magic wasn't as respected as the others