August 19, 2011

My Friends!

Hello Wizards,

As you have noticed, the world of Wysteria was released on the Live Realm this morning. Now, I just want to make a quick blog post on what happened in Celestia, and also in this new world of Wysteria. When Celestia was finally released to the live realm, everyone kept telling them to hurry up and release it. The first time it came out to the live realm, it was very laggy, and buggy. I am sure anyone who went through Celestia when it first was released to the live realm would agree to that. I am sure a lot of wizards do hate the bugs when new worlds are released. What is kinda rude though, some on Facebook was telling Kingsisle to hurry up and release the new world of Wysteria. When you tell someone to hurry on, lets say a Science project, you will most likely fail from hurrying to finish it right? Well when you told them to hurry to release this new world, there were a lot of bugs, including the Friends gone bug. I have to agree this is very annoying, but now some are telling Kingsisle to hurry up and fix the friends list situation. I am not trying to be rude to anyone, but maybe you should give them some time to try to fix it for us. Until then, go to Wysteria and try out the new world that they released. I am sure they will fix the bugs soon. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy Wysteria, and all it has to offer everyone! Also, don't forget, thank Kingsisle for releasing a great world. I can't wait to start exploring this world again! Good luck with your adventures through Wysteria everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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Diana Wildheart said...

yes, I been in test realm and some people said, dont need to do this test realm, waiting until live realm. I was like, NO! you need to be here in test realm to report the bugs. That test realm, what it for? For everyone to see what are the problem with in games. So Kingsisle try to fix the problems and bugs as they can. They do their best for all of us. Don't blame them. They did and still do wonderful job for this friendly family game. I am impressed. :) Hope this can help everyone to understand why the test realm for.