August 22, 2011

Questing through Wysteria

Hello Wizards!

Jack Dancing "Every Second" 
Today I decided to start questing through the world of Wysteria. It was very fun questing, last time I did a blog post I was questing on my ice character Edward Wintergem. This time I decided to quest with my life character. Now I took a little bit of photos of my adventures through Wysteria. So I hope you enjoy this blog post! Anyways,  There is a photo above I wanted to take to show my satyr that there is a satyr that doesn't always dance. I don't think he got the message though. Other than that, today was a very fun day finally getting to quest through wysteria with a membership! The last few days were boring because of not having a membership and not being able to quest through the new world of Wysteria. Sorry for the late blog post over this world though. I am also going to talk about adding new friends on my life character. So I hope you can make it through this long post. Oh and this is only the introduction of this blog post!

Just like I said in the introduction, today was very fun questing through Wysteria. It was actually better than questing on my ice character through this world. I said in another blog post that there is something weird about this new world though. When I say weird, I mean something mysterious. When I started this world on my ice character on the test realm. I started noticing that there was different things about this world that didn't make sense at all. When we explored their fountain, it was supposed to magical but it wasn't. Also, they have something against Ravenwood. That was the main things I have noticed about questing through this world. Either Ravenwood copied off of Wysteria, or Wysteria copied off of Ravenwood. Anyways, other than that, here are a few photos I was taking when I started questing through this world.
Is it just me or does frost giant look a little different? 


Getting ready to fight with the last tournament. 

Talking to Merle Ambrose

I didn't put all of the photos here because this is a long blog post. There were actually over 15 photos I had for this blog post, I decided not to put them all on here though. Since I have blogged about Wysteria before, there is really nothing else I could talk about other than what I talked about in the other blog post from the test realm. 

Adding New Friends: 
I have promised a few that I would add them when I had my membership again. If you would still like me to add you, I can! I am sorry it took so long for me to add you though. Anyways, if you would still like to add me, I am thinking about putting up a meeting area so I can try to add as much as I can to my list. If you would like me to add you here is a meeting area, oh and I will be adding those I promised first. I will be adding in the commons, Sunbird Area one. 

Well, that's it for today's blog post. Don't forget if you would like to add me, I will be in Sunbird Area one in the commons. Oh and I will not be adding alts if you are on my list already. Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem


Connor Mistblade said...

It is stated in one of the Pigswick Papers that Pigswick was started by a student from Ravenwood.

Necrospector said...

You kinda failed to mention When the meeting will take place. and i cant beleve you too are leaving us, Will you still be getting on wizard101 or quitting all together?

Edward Lifegem said...

It wasn't a meeting. It was to add friends. Also I am not leaving Wizard101 or the blogging world just yet. I will be leaving sometime next Summer.