August 8, 2011

Second Project

Hello Wizards,

I went to Kingsisle's site and found something different on it! I would like you to guess what I found- Unless someone else found it first- The Second Project. Guess what, it is different now and it now had 3 photos instead of one from that other time. I can't believe that they made some new photos for it. Here is a little message they wrote about it and the pictures will be below that message.

Kingsisle is coming out with a second project soon! The creator of amazing family online games like Wizard101 is rolling out a new kid safe game. From an award winning family entertainment gaming company, our second project is sure to delight gamers of all ages.

Since I couldn't copy the other 3 photos, go to this site for more information!
Scroll down and you will see the new photos, but remember, they aren't going to show you them until the project is released. Kind of like the Celestia photos. I think most do remember those. If you don't, they made a couple of characters show up on the Celestia photo each time they got closer to releasing Celestia!

When this is released, I am going to start playing that game along with Wizard101. I might be blogging about both of the games instead of just Wizard101. Sign me up when this second project is released. If there is a beta, I would love to sign up!

~ Edward Lifegem

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