August 28, 2011

Victory at the Tower of the Helephant!

Hello Wizards!

Today, the tower of the helephant was finally completed! In the test realm, I tried to solo the first floor and died! Well I went with a group today, and it was way better than it was when I tried to solo in the test realm. I am sure it would be very hard if anyone tried to solo that tower. I always said my ice would never die no matter how hard the battle was. The first time in the test realm, after completing Wysteria, I decided to go in the tower and complete the quest. The first time I went in there I bought 3 life minions to help me stay alive and I knew I wasn't going to die until the first time the death boss used skeletal dragon when I fizzled. Another thing is that the death boss also uses the -90 tower shield until you kill the myth boss. Well in the test realm I didn't know any of the rules, and I died after about 10 minutes of being there. Today I found out after you kill the myth boss, the death boss does stop using the tower shield, but you should be ready for a lot of leviathans! I was hit by 5 leviathans, and I had to keep healing or I would have died after 2 hits. Without any storm resist the leviathans did at least 2000 for each hit without any shields. After defeating all of the bosses on the first round, we went to the next couple of fights which were easy. At first I thought the helephant was going to be bad, but he really wasn't at all. A dragon was the head of the evil plan of having a lot of power. What was terrible when we started fighting him was that we almost didn't make it, and we almost died! I had a bad feeling that we wouldn't make it through the tower, but.. We did! It took forever to go through that tower though, I had to heal a lot more than I ever had to in any dungeon. If you want to go through that tower you should really be prepared before you do. Whatever you do, you should make sure you have a lot of heals if you don't have a life character to help you through the tower. Good luck to those if you are planning on going through the tower. Here are a couple of photos that I was taking through the tower.

Autumn Dreamwalker's Ra! Killed the boss first hit!

Everyone on very low health, This is where we almost died.

After defeating the boss- Victory Heal!

Yeah, we made it through the tower of the helephant!
x bows x

My new badge!

Well it took forever to get through the tower but we all made it through finally! I am glad that we didn't all die. I do admit that I did die, but Scot's pet saved us all, she healed him a total of 6 times in a row! He was on low health and he was up to full health by the time all of the heals were gone. He healed me and I started to heal everyone else and that's how we survived this dangerous quest, and tower. I have to admit though, I am sure I won't be back in the tower any time soon, unless I want to farm in there. I am glad we made it through the tower because we all have a new badge to use :) 

~ Edward Lifegem

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Wolf Sky said...

Awesome....I know which life wizard I am going to call when I become level 60 lol